Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 21


Struggling with Your Style?

Every day I get emails about style struggles and I put them into these video Q&A sessions as I want to empower you to look and feel your best every day and stop wasting money randomly buying clothes that end up sitting in you wardrobe unworn cos they just aren’t quite right.

This is what I’m passionate about – educating you to define and refine your personal style so you stop wasting money on the wrong clothes for you!

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Your questions answered:

0.10 I’m bored with my style where to start to improve it?
3.27 I have lots of signature colour greens in my palette but how do I wear it as a top with neutrals other than my blue denim jeans?
5.23 What do I do about wrinkles? How do I make them less visible?

Bored With Your Style

Bored with Your Style? 5 Solutions to Have You Looking and Feeling Great Again

What to Do When You’re Bored with Your Style

All My Best Tips and Inspiration for Putting Together Stylish Outfits

Simple Outfits vs Complex Ones – Which Should You Choose?

What to Wear with Green

Going Green and Sheer Style

What to Wear with Olive (and who it suits)

How to Pick the Undertone of Greens


Skin Texture

How to Choose Flattering Texture in Fabrics

The Truth About How Ageing Actually Affects Your Style

Incorporating Texture and Sheen into your Outfits

In this video

0.08 Tips on wearing white in summer
3.17 How to start transitioning my wardrobe when I plan to retire in the next year or so?
6.29 Going through menopause and finding that hot flushes and insomnia mean I’m lacking in style energy, plus my body shape has changed and many of my clothes don’t fit anymore – help!

Wearing White

How to Choose Your Perfect White

How to Style a White Jacket for Summer

Styling a White Tailored Shirt

Wardrobe Transitions

8 Tips on Adapting Your Style as Your Rules Change

5 Tips for Transitioning Colour Palettes in Your Wardrobe

4 Simple Tips to Help You Build a Stylish Wardrobe of Clothes

Lacking Style Energy

Tried and Tested – The Value of Having Go-To Outfits

6 Tips for Looking Stylish When Menopause Hits

Sick of Thinking About What to Wear? 4 Ways to Deal with Image Burn Out

In this video

0.08 How can you look stylish in skirts and dresses with flat shoes?

3.31 How to wear an inner column of colour that has the right value contrast or colour contrast when what you’ve tried – navy column and grey topper look bland?

7.34 How with a deep palette can you wear your signature bright colours when they are not deep?


 Flat Shoes

How to Wear Flat Shoes

How to Choose Shoes with Style When You Have Foot Issues

Hate Heels but Going Formal?

Inner Column of Colour

Inner column of colour using a patterned top

Creating a Column of Colour Casual Outfit

Creating a Summer Capsule Wardrobe Using a Column of Colour

How To Wear a Column of Colour For Your Body Shape

Deep Colouring Wearing Bright Colours

How to Choose Colours in Summer When You Have Deep Colouring

Value Contrast and Your Value


In this Video

0.08 How if I’m wearing my colours they don’t always seem flattering? Is it because of Ideal Value and Contrast?

3.40 How to wear higher than your ideal contrast when you are overall light

5.31 How can I find a patterned top that still works for a column of color?

Contrast and Colour Palettes

Getting Your Head Around Value and Contrast – the Celebrity Version

Where Celebrities Go Right and Wrong with Their Contrast

11 Real Life Examples of Dressing to Your Contrast


Light Colour wearing a Higher Contrast

3 Ways to Wear Prints with Colour Constrast Levels Outside of Your Ideal and Look Stunning

How to Work With Your Contrast – Low Contrast

How to Wear a Multi-Coloured Item When You’re Not High Colour Contrast

Column of Colour with Patterns 

More Ways to Create a Column of Colour to Lengthen and Slim

Using a Column of Colour to Look Taller and Slimmer

Creating a Trans-seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Using a Column of Colour


If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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Colour and Style Questions


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  • Hi, Imogen! I hope all is well. I wanted to ask you if this outfit (the black & teal-green) is medium contrast or medium high contrast? Here’s the outfit pic:

    Also- exactly what number shade does that green fall on your chart (like the 1-10 chart on your popular Ultimate 3 Step process guide)? I’ve been trying to learn how to differentiate between medium & light-med warm colors, but it’s been kinda challenging. Thanks for all the insightful content you have posted thus far!

      • Thank you!! This helped me determine I am medium contrast, and how to properly pair my colors+neutrals together. I do have one more question, if you don’t mind..

        I have unusual coloring in the sense that I have lighter eyes than most people with my skintone & hair color. The closest I can think of with a similar “coloring combo” is Tashi Rodriguez & Ruth Negga.. Sasha Lane comes to mind too. Zoe Kravitz eyes & hair at the darkest. Also my eye color is particularly similar to J.Lo & Mandy Moore in the sense that my eyes can look green, brown, clear grey, or midnight blue depending on what color is by my face. My question is… how do I create makeup looks that work with my skintone while also honoring or bringing out my eye color? (Instead of clashing with its undertones like I am currently experiencing… even if I have a warm toned lipstick/blush for my warm skin, it doesn’t always work for my soft eyes & hair). It’s a little frustrating because there’s already so few color resources on the internet for WOC, so no one really explain the nuances. And all the black hair & eyed women with my skintone never seem to have to worry about their eye color when creating look. I would greatly appreciate any help.. Thanks again, Imogen!

      • Hey again, Imogen. Sorry to have to bothered you with my second question that I posted last week. Well thanks again for your original answer!

  • Hello again Imogen! After watching the video I was wondering: Would pleated fabric like Issey Miyake’s “Pleats Please” be taking it too far when worn on wrinkled skin? I think his design is fantastic, and I hope I’ll soon have lost enough weight to fit a small top or something 😀

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