Seeing Clearly Again


Can You See Clearly?

Scene:  at Imogen’s makeup supplier

Imogen holding up a bunch of lipsticks and trying to decipher the names on the labels. 

“Does this one say Winterberry?”  Imogen asks the sales assistant

Sales assistant comes over and looks at the lipstick and says “it’s upside down, I can’t read it”

Imogen turns the lipstick so the writing is facing the correct way up … and no, it didn’t spell Winterberry or in fact anything like that.  

I Couldn’t See Clearly

Clearly, I could no longer guesstimate letters and possible words and I realised it was time to start wearing glasses all the time and got myself a multifocal prescription 3 years ago.

A few months ago I started noticing that words were again becoming fuzzier on the page so that prompted me to head off to the optometrist to get a new eye test.

Blurriness is great when you want to smooth out the wrinkles, but not so great when trying to ensure that you’re not about to buy completely the wrong lipstick.

One of the joys of ageing is deteriorating eyesight. 

One of the joys of deteriorating eyesight is that it means I get to wear another accessory – and that’s glasses!

And you know how I love any excuse to accessorize!

I Discovered Clearly Online

With my eye prescription in hand, I headed off to Clearly to try on some new specs (lockdown people, can’t go shopping like normal, plus it’s fun and convenient to do it from your couch, bed, desk…).  

Discover Clearly where you can try on and buy your glasses online


I then started the fun process of using their virtual Try-On feature.

What’s great about the Try-On feature is it’s a video – so you can see how you look when you move, not just on a photo – so it’s got a much more lifelike feel (as if you’re in the store).

I also took a bunch of screenshots so you can see how accurate the try-on compares to how they look in real-life – guess which I chose?

Discover Clearly where you can try on and buy your glasses online - virtual try on

I See Clearly Now

When I’d made my selection, I popped in my prescription information, selected my lenses and a few of weeks later, my glasses arrived on my doorstep.

Discover Clearly where you can try on and buy your glasses online

I chose a pair of Main and Central Grandview glasses in blue with my multifocal prescription and I love that you can get your lenses with BlueReflect, the blue-light blocking lens so you can get to sleep at night – it’s been a game-changer for me as I read on my iPad before bed and used to find it hard to get to sleep.  Not anymore!

Main and Central Grandview glassess from ClearlyClearly’s eyewear has a good range of colours and styles and at great prices too all with great quality lenses and free shipping is included with every order over $50.  Plus they have a risk-free return policy in case you mess up your prescription or have a fitting issue.

Now I can #SeeAmazing and can read all those tiny labels again!   

Plus for every pair of glasses you buy they donate one pair of glasses to someone in need (as part of the Essilor Vision Foundation) and is also now donating protective eyewear to vulnerable frontline workers across the country plus they look after their own workers as well with increased sanitation procedures.  You’ve got to love a company with this kind of grand vision to help more people in the world see clearly!

Clearly has stores in Canada and cover the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia with their dedicated websites.


This pair of glasses was gifted to me by 


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  • YES YES YES…………..I”m turning 60 TOMORROW and the eyes are blurring TOO.

    • Thanks La Contessa – we are back in lockdown here so I’m all good! Glad the glasses get delivered to my door! So much more convenient.

  • Love your new glasses, Imogen! I chose the same style for you, Ha, your students are paying attention! Can’t wait to get new glasses in the fall (after my white and gray grows out)..

    Your tip about blue light technology is very informative and virtual photos really makes it easy to find a flattering pair. Can’t wait to give it a go!,

    You’re the best,
    a faithful fan,

  • They look great on you. We’re a one income family so I use Zenni Optical which has excellent prices. The frame, upcharge for severe prescription, thinner lenses, and blueblocking cost me about $71. That’s great considered when I bought from other places the lenses alone would be over $300. My eyesight though still isn’t very good even with contacts and glasses. Likely because I have astigmatism in both eyes which also distorts my distance vision. I’m severely nearsighted. I have no problem seeing thing about ten inches away with my own eyesight. I see enough to get by as if I wear mine all the time they get loose and fall off of my face and break. My face is round so I look better in rectangle or square frames. I tend to go for browns or golds since they are present in my coloring and look good with the colors I wear.

  • Imogen, I’ve found it very helpful to have my trifocals for driving, outside work (photogray), etc. but I have to tell you that a separate pair of glasses for use at the computer is something I won’t do without. I want to see the entire screen at one time without anything blurring part of it. I’ve had that separate pair of glasses for a long time now, and find that I can do anything in the house with them except watch TV. I highly recommend them if you don’t have a pair.

    • Yes I have 3 different glasses – multifocal for getting around all the time. A bifocal that is computer plus reading close up, and then a pure reading glasses for reading!

  • Love the new glasses, they look fabulous on you, both the colour and style; my husband has deep blue frames, and they look fabulous too! The strange thing is, as I have got older, I have gone from wearing glasses all the time, to only wearing for reading. After a lifetime of terrible short sight and wearing pebble like specs, my eyesight got so bad that I needed eyes ops to repair damage, which was frightening, as losing my eyesight altogether was threatening a few years ago. Fortunately the surgeon managed to insert new lenses and do major repairs internally. Now at 66, I can see way into the distance, without glasses and people see my eye colour for the first time, it is so freeing! But of course, can never find my reading glasses now, as don’t have them on my face all the time. Still, the wonders of medical science are a absolute wonder to me, and cannot praise the surgeon enough for changing my life in such a major way.

    • That’s common with short sightedness apparently! While I”m long sighted – so can’t see anything up close anymore! This is what the “granny chain” is for – to keep your reading glasses on you all the time.

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