Creating a Trans-seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Using a Column of Colour


I recently wrote a post on creating a summer wardrobe capsule using the column of colour concept (which helps you look taller and slimmer) for summer.  And I know that even though the northern hemisphere is coming out of winter and heading towards summer, we in the southern hemisphere are sadly saying goodbye to summer as we head towards winter.   You may have noticed with my last capsule example I used very light colours which is great if you have light colouring, but you can work with this concept with any colour range.

Here is one for spring/autumn or when a climate is temperate.  You can see I’ve used a darker neutral base of navy for this capsule.  Remember if you want to create the true column effect you need to wear a jacket over the top of the coloured tops to make an outside column, though you don’t need to wear a third piece when wearing a dark top with your navy or dark bottoms.  You could also add in a waistcoat/vest that is sleeveless if you don’t want the extra warmth of a jacket or cardigan, but it will help to give you your column effect whilst still allowing you to wear coloured tops (and not get too bored!).

Wardrobe capsule column of colour



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  • What could you substitute for the striped top ? Breton type tops are very popular but don’t go with a large bust.
    Would shrugs or soft style cardigans work this style?
    Any other ideas for a lighter/ medium colour column of colour.

    • Yes you could absolutely use a shrug or cardigan instead of a jacket. And really any other top that goes with the bottoms/toppers is all you’re after. It doesn’t have to be a breton, it could be any pattern you like!

    • Morfudd, I thought I could never wear horizontal stripes on top for the same reason but have found that if I search carefully I can find a few that look nice. The key for me is to find thin stripes on a darker background. I’m not quite sure how to explain this well enough for you to visualize but a black tee with white stripes looks much better on me than a white tee with black stripes.

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