How Long Should Jacket Sleeve Lengths Be?


Sleeve length

One of the most common issues with fit that I see in wardrobes is that the length of jacket and coat sleeves are not right.

Ideally for a long sleeve, it should end at just below the wrist.  If the sleeve is too long and starts engulfing the hand and makes the whole jacket look too big.

If the sleeve is too short it will look like you’ve grown out of the jacket, so ideally if this is a problem, push up the sleeves or roll them.


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  • Thanks so much for this article! I just bought a trench coat and was wondering if the sleeves were too short, this gave me a perfect visual.

  • Interesting that good style is very often in the detail – so thank you for once again giving the steer on getting it right. If it is a ‘Level 3 of refinement’ jacket and pushing the sleeves up or rolling them is unsuitable, is it an easy job for a tailor to shorten them nicely? Thank you.

  • guide line for the sleeve length given was appriciating .it would be easy if the sleeve length and jacket length was was given with sige chart.

    • Every clothing retailer does a different sleeve and so you can’t know how long the sleeve will be based on size – you have to try them on and they very much vary from store to store.

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