What Colour Do You Wear Most Frequently?


Colour from the House of CQ Fashion Show

I see lots of wardrobes, and in them I sometimes see lots of different colours, but more often than not, I’ll see a few really dominant colours, and living in Melbourne, I see black, black and more black, whether or not it actually suits the wearer.

We tend to have a base colour or neutral that we wear a lot, and mix it with other items in our wardrobe.  I want to know, what do you wear?

So when you think about the clothes you wear, what colour would be the one most worn?



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  • I voted blue but right now I’m buying tops in wine/cranberry and deep pink because that’s what I can find. Blue dominates my closet though. I also have quite a bit of black even though I prefer dark grey because that’s all that’s out there, especially for petites.

  • How about comparing this with colours you’d like to to be able to wear ? I struggle to find clothing in fabrics suitable for Winter that I am able to wear in colours that flatter me. Could provide an interesting little insight for retailers especially if there are other women out there like me with limited time who frequently find choices so limited that we always have to settle. Perhaps its just where we live but still it would be interesting maybe?
    I always look forward to chances to read your information. All the best.

    • Michaela, it’s all to do with the fashion trends, they will come around to your colours at some stage, but this winter from what I’ve seen your kinds of colours aren’t really around much.

    • Michaela

      Isn’t it funny that clothing manufacturers think everyone should wear Fall colors in the fall, and spring colors in spring…as though they have no clue — or think we have no clue — about what colors look best on us, the customers.

  • being that i’m a cool/true winter season i find that find the exact colors for me a little hard at times. i often end up defaulting back to wearing black (black is a true/cool winter color yay) and white and then adding my color in the form of necklaces, scarves etc

    • I’m finding a lot of winter colours around in the shops at present – certainly here in Australia, and I’d guess they’d be everywhere as trends are pretty global these days

  • I tend to wear dark bottoms as I lean to a pear shape, so navy, black and brown bottoms, but blue, green , orange (fall) colour tops….when I am in doubt though, I wear blue, black near my face is not a great look on me

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