Psychology of Colour – White


Psychology of White

White is ethereal, it’s the colour of clouds, snow and seafoam. It says: clean and hygenic, fresh and new.  It’s often associated with winter in cooler climates, because of the snow.

A fresh new piece of paper – a blank page, ready to be written on.

In the Western world it’s the colour of the traditional bridal dress, virginal in its purity.

In the Eastern world it’s the colour of mourning, as we farewell our loved ones to a higher place.

As it’s the amalgamation of all colours, it is neutral and seen as conservative and is used in traditional business wear, think the traditional white shirt.

Some white in your outfit will make you appear clean and businesslike.  Too much white in your outfit can make you be seen as lazy (as you won’t want to get your outfit dirty).


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