Petite proportions - getting it right with skirts and dresses

Petite Proportions – Getting it Right with Skirts and Dresses

Imogen would you do a post, with illustrations, for golden mean proportions on petites for casual styles and for skirts and dress ensembles? I know you have done casual capsules, but I need more guidance. Firstly, I just want to stress that you shouldn’t get obsessed with following the golden meanexactly! It’s certainly harder for…

5 Ways to Take Your Style to the Next Level

5 Ways to Improve Your Style

1. Add Accessories Accessories really make a difference to your outfit. They take it from plain to interesting. They add personality. They add excitement. You want to wear them. Don’t be scared, nobody died from accessorizing. In fact, what most people discover is that when they accessorize more, they get more compliments. They don’t need…