How to Dress So Nobody Notices Your Flaws



This is one of my favourite sayings  – and it’s so true!

Your face is the place we look when we are communicating with you.   So many women dress to conceal what they perceive to be flaws and spend their time and energy focussing on that.  What they should be doing is dressing their portrait area first to draw attention to their communication centre (face) and then nobody will notice whatever else is going on with their body as they have provided a distraction to their face.

How to do this?

With Colour

Consider the colours you wear.  Colours that flatter you will draw attention to your face.  They will be balanced, neither draining you of life, nor taking all the attention away from your face.  They will create harmony in a way that makes the eye flow, but not stop and focus on any part of your body.  The right colours will light up your face making you look vibrant and alive.

With Accessories

Accessories are brilliant for creating focal points which attract attention.  Jewellery that sparkles as the light hits it grabs the eye.  Colour, pattern and detail all draw attention, think coloured and patterned scarves around your neck with a neutral outfit.  Such an easy way to draw attention up to your face.

With Detail

Not an accessory person?  Then how about looking for built-in detail and embellishment around the necklines and shoulders of your garments.

Take Action

Create beauty bundles of accessories in similar colours (find out all about them here) so that it’s easy for you to accessorise your outfit each morning quickly and easily.

Store your accessories so they are easy to access.  There are some ideas here on accessory storage for you to consider.  If you can’t see them, you’re less likely to think about wearing them.

Discover the colours that suit you.  Colour analysis is part of my 7 Steps to Style program, or you can find someone in your local area to do one (it will really help you discover what does and doesn’t flatter your complexion and you’ll save lots of money as you stop buying the wrong colours).

The right colours will draw attention to your face, the wrong to your body.  To test if a colour is more or less flattering stand in front of a mirror, hold the garment up just under your chin.  Then close your eyes.  Count to 3.  Open your eyes with the intention of looking into your eyes.  If you feel that you’re eyes are magnetically drawn to the colour, it’s not the right colour for you.  If you feel like you suddenly look older or drab, it’s not the right colour for you.   If you feel that your eyes rest easily on your face and you look bright and alive, it is the right colour for you.

If you’re not someone who regularly wears accessories, challenge yourself to wear at least one piece of jewellery or an accessory such as a scarf in your portrait area each day.  Some earrings, a brooch or necklace will help to provide the detail that you need to draw attention up to your face.

Yes I know if you’re a mum of babies who are at that “grabby” stage then earrings and necklaces can be too difficult to wear, but maybe a brooch or scarf would work for you.  Or look for built in detail (as explained above) in your clothes so that you don’t have to think when you get dressed about adding something extra.

Before you leave the house do a quick “portrait-check”  and make sure there is something of interest in that area that will create a focal point for your outfit.

Rutherford jewellery
Add some bling around your face to draw attention to your portrait. These beautiful emerald and diamond pieces are from Rutherford Jewellery

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  • I have a question (and a somewhat unusual perspective)- what do you do when you want to look great, but your eyes are something you want to hide? I suffered a severe eye infection many years ago which left me with significant scarring across my left eye. This is something I find to be unpleasant, but eye patches are more so and I do still have some vision that I’d like to be able to use. Sunglasses are great outdoors, but indoors either make me look totally blind, crazy, or trying to hide something. So much advice tells us to highlight our eyes, that they’re our best feature, but what do we do when our eyes are our worst?

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