Matching The Right Accessories For Your Clothes and Body

Accessories can be extremely powerful because they complete a look, often taking it from nice to fabulous. Eye-catching accessories can also make a strong style statement. When you are considering accessories for your outfit, you should consider the principles of co-ordination. There are 4 main principles of co-ordination – these are: Levels of Refinement Principle…


Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 42

In This Video  0.11 Where do you buy your necklaces from and what’s your low price point to find the quality you want? 4.22 My challenge is to find clothes that I’m comfortable wearing but lack confidence in trying new styles (and typically wear jeans and a tee) 9.38 I’ve got some lovely and more…

How to create fabulous colour schemes and more interest in your outfits

How to Include More Interest and Unique Colour Combinations in Your Outfits

We all know the feeling of going into our closet and feeling like we have nothing to wear. But there are ways to add more interest and unique colour combinations to your outfits without going shopping, just using a little creativity. Open your closet and pull out your go-to’s, look at different ways you can…

Smart casual jeans outfits

How to Reinvent Your Style from Corporate to Casual

Reader Question The challenge is reinventing my style without completely replacing my wardrobe for a distinctly new phase in my life. I’m moving from the corporate world to going back to university as a very mature age student. I want to feel comfortable and self-expressive without either standing out too self-consciously so the clothes are…