Diamonds May be a Girls Best Friend but Pearls are Not Far Behind


Diamonds are a girls best friend.  The fire, the sparkle, yes I love them and a girl can dream about having all sorts of divine gems to wear.James Rutherford

Recently I was invited to come and discover the story of Rutherford which is a family run business who have been creating and selling new and fine vintage jewellery in Melbourne for decades.  James Rutherford (now the third generation of Rutherfords’ in the family business) told us the story of Bruce Rutherford who founded the business after his humble beginnings as a watchmaker and how he packed his family of 4 children, sold their Melbourne house and sailed to England to learn the jewellery trade at Sotheby’s.

Vintage pearl necklace

Rutherford’s are known for their pearls and gorgeous Victorian vintage pieces like this one above from 1916.

Ruby jewellery at Rutherford

Like a kid in a no-calorie-candy store I was invited to try on many of their stunning pieces and I certainly didn’t hold back.  From ravishing rubies.

Rutherford emeralds

To enticing emeralds (which are quite rare as they are a more delicate stone that is more easily damaged.

Precious South Sea pearls in traditional white with incredible lustre.Rutherford pearls

As well as the more exotic gold South Sea Pearls which would be diving on someone with a warm complexion.

Rutherford gold south sea pearls

So many incredible sparkling jewels to feast your eyes upon.  From real Art Deco pieces that would easily fit into the wardrobe of Miss Phryne Fisher to modern settings.

Rutherford gems

I have to say I fell in love with the floral design ruby and diamond ring in the collage above.  Swoon….

Win a Pair of Pearl Earrings

win a pair of pearl earrings

I’m delighted to say that Rutherford want to give one of you, my dear reader’s a pair of precious pearl earrings.

The prize is a pair of 5.5-6.5mm White Freshwater Pearl Studs with 9ct yellow gold backs.

To win, write an ode to pearls in any poetic format of your choosing  (from haiku to limerick, it’s your choice!).

Competition is open to Australian residents only and winner will be notified by email.

Competition closes 14 April 5pm EST.


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  • Thanks for your helpful blog Imogen. Here is my poem:
    an orb of translucence
    glowing femininity
    a secret to know

  • Here is my poem:
    Oh pearl you are so beautiful
    In jewellery you are so suitable
    I love your lustre
    Single or cluster
    You are in fact unbeatable

  • Pearls look great at any age
    Their lustres shine are just divine
    If you want to look well dressed
    go to Rutherford’s, they have the best

  • Pearls of the stream
    Evoke a lady’s dream:
    Acquire an elegant gleam.
    Revered by the wise,
    Luminescent guise
    Shapes the oyster’s demise

  • Freshwater Pearls, -history has confirmed
    From Victoria -Queen and Greyson
    timeless and sleek, we love these little grey ones
    loved and admired in regalia and revenge
    Their adorable glow is all over the globe
    their lustre is a sunset of events

    Rhianna sure does them with style
    They are classy and chic, at parties or on the street
    creating glowy looks for the girl

    timeless and sleek
    whoever would speak
    against adoring Rhianna’s rosy pearl

  • Beautiful pieces. Here is my entry.
    There was a young pearl from Broome
    To Rutherfords she did zoom
    The good people there
    Set her with expert care
    Now an earring she just needs a pair

  • Rutherford pearls are a thing of beauty
    A symbol of elegance and class
    You can wear a pearl
    Anywhere in the world
    They’re more graceful than beads of glass

  • Great article and photos. I am soo envious. My poem follows.

    Of all of earth’s treasures; the pearl is unique
    An unexpected suprise that is brought from the deep.
    For thousands of years the divers have brought
    A gem of great lustre; both freshwater and salt.

    Its uses have ranged from makeup to medicine
    But its value has lasted in adornment of fashion.
    Worn in great splendour by persons of note
    In lengths such as princess, opera and pearl rope.

    Its lustre and translucence are singularly found
    In its shapes such as button, baroque, pear and round.
    Its a timeless gem from years long ago
    That is still just as valued for those in the know.

    It reminds us that though fashion may change
    A thing of great beauty will always remain.
    Technology brings us advances, its true
    But the pearl is from nature; for times old and new.

  • Beautiful poems just add elegance to the subject!
    Question… I have collected strands over the years, different lengths and sizes, and I love them all. Pearl earrings are part of my signature style too (not usually together though). I’ve given pearls to my girls, and they carry off the classic look so well. But pearls seem old and stuffy on me at times, and I end up taking them off. How can I wear them and keep the look fresh in my 60’s?!!! Thanks! Jacque

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