46: Colour and Style Q&A: A shape Can I wear dark top, Adding the right contrast with an accessory and can you be a mix of warm and cool?

If you have an ideal value of medium light and medium-low value contrast but are an A shape – can you wear dark tops? 
My young son has warm skin and cool eyes – can he be a mix of colouring?
If I’m neutrals plus 2 colours can I just wear a different coloured necklace to the colour in my top, or do I need to add that colour to more areas of my outfit – such as a bracelet too? 

41: Colour and Style Q&A: Using Skin to Create Colour and Value Contrast, Colour Schemes for a Wardrobe Capsule, Dramatic Personality with Soft Colouring

Can a person’s skin colour be used to create colour or value contrast?
What tips can you share when planning a colour scheme for a wardrobe capsule?
I have a dramatic personality but my colouring calls for softer colours – how do I create the drama I love in outfits whilst still flattering my colouring?

37: Colour and Style Q&A: Transitioning Colour Palettes, V Shape Column of Colour and Salt and Pepper Hair how to select colour schemes

How do I go about transitioning from a brighter palette to a more muted one without feeling faded out?
V shape body – should I wear an inner or outer column of colour? Also, if not wearing exactly the same colours, how different can the top and bottom be?
With salt and pepper silver hair, brown eyes and fair freckled skin – can I wear only a monochromatic scheme or neutrals plus a colour?

36: Colour and Style Q&A: How to Organise Your Wardrobe, Colour Psychology, Coloured Neutrals and What to Wear in an Engagement Photo

How does colour impact social perceptions across different cultures? Plus can you tell us a bit about the psychology of colour and why we perceive colours the way we do?
If I’m neutral plus analogous colours – do I count a coloured neutral as one of my analogous colours or as just a neutral?
Tips on what to wear in an engagement photo?
How to organise a wardrobe – should I put jackets next to pants or organise from left to right?

34: Colour and Style Q&A: Can my arms be a different undertone to my face, buying clothes is more than just picking colours that match your palette, What colour can I dye my hair?

Can my arms/wrists be a different undertone to my face?
Until now I’ve just been looking for any colour that matches my colours swatch when buying clothes – I now see I need to think about taking my colour and value contrast into consideration as well.
I don’t want to go grey so what colours can I dye my hair?

32: Colour and Style Q&A: When to Purge my Wardrobe? Using Hair Accessories to Create Colour and Value Contrast, Should I Add Seasonal Fashion Garments?

Can I use hair accessories instead of earrings or necklaces to create my ideal value and colour contrasts?
I’ve got a large wardrobe of creative/eclectic clothes that are still in good condition – should I be purging them?
What seasonal pieces should I be looking for to give my look a lift?
I have medium value contrast but my hair and skin only have a medium- low value contrast -if I just wear that I feel bland – I feel like I need darker clothes – please can you help?

27: Colour and Style Q&A: Can You Create a Neutral from a Blush Colour? Monochromatic – what to wear? What to Focus on Value or Colour Contrast if Neither is Dominant

What do think of creating a neutral from a blush (deep wine) colour?
I’m more monochromatic in my colour contrast – should I wear coloured neutrals with 1 colour?
If someone is neither colour contrast or value contrast dominant what should they focus on when putting outfits together?