130: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on how to find your colours in Autumn/Fall when you have cool colours, wearing skinny jeans when you have an X shape body, and finding your waist.

What to colours to wear in Autumn/Fall when you have cool colours and everything in stores is those autumnal olives, yellow and orange?
I’m an X shape and struggling with skinny jeans (as I can’t seem to find any other option) How can I make them work?
Help me find my waist as I’m very straight up and down

128: Colour and Style Q&A: Elegant chic, Hips, and Fabrics

I like Elegant Chic as polished and poised suits me – but I have a casual lifestyle – how can I work with my Opulent palette and have ease in my clothes but capture some elegant chic style on a budgetI have small shoulders and big hips and find that my tops never fit around my hips – what to do?
I love my clothes to be wash and wear but I hate polyester as it doesn’t breathe – what are my choices for fabrics to look for?

127: Colour and Style Q&A: Silver hair, Woollens in winter, and Casual chic

I’ve embraced my silver – white hair and now my old bright warm colours no longer suit me – what to do?
How do you layer your woollens in winter to stay warm and look stylish?
Casual chic – I’ve moved from city to country, and my style has been big city suits and now live in relaxed and casual country – how do I feel stylish and still be me in this new environment?

124: Colour and Style Q&A: Finding your style when you lose weight, Petite creative style, and H shape outfit formula

I’ve lost a lot of weight and have to rebuild my wardrobe – until now I’ve used clothes as armour – how do I find my style?
I’m short X shape with short waist. Petite rules seems to overemphasise the bust and I want a creative style – what to look for?
I’m an H shape who is turning into an O shape – tips or outfit formulas to flatter my shape?

123: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on how to dress your body to flatter your features and selecting the right hairstyle.

A curved hem is good to flatter a belly – how do you know how curved and how high or low the front and sides should be?
Short torso with long legs – but large booty, belly and boobs – I find dressing my tops really difficult
My hair is bright white at the front however the back is ashy blonde and white My inclination is to dress for the front of my hair and not worry about the back. Is this a mistake?

121: Colour and Style Q&A: Colours change with age, issues on eyeshadow, and style transition to comfy, casual and stylish look

When I was younger I could wear dark colours such as chocolate, navy and deep burgundy. Now I’m salt and pepper should I tone them down?
I have issues with eyeshadow getting into my eyes and making my eyes water – suggestions?
I need to transition my style from work to be more casual and practical (as I’m looking after my grandkids) my style personality is elegant chic, what can I wear?

106: Colour and Style Q&A: How do I clean out my closet? How can I style a Chanel style jacket? How do I find clothes that I love in stores?

How do I clean out my closet? I’ve had a lifestyle change which means what I used to wear is not now what I need.
A shape with a large bust – how can I style a Chanel style jacket
How do I find clothes that I love in stores, I get so frustrated shopping as there is nothing out there for me, I don’t want to look old-lady!

103: Colour and Style Q&A: What colours can the warms wear all of? How to use prints and patterns when you have low colour contrast? What to wear to exercise when you have light colouring?

If cools can wear all the blues – what can warms wear all of?
How to use prints and patterns when you have a low colour contrast and don’t want a hero print but want to put it in a capsule?
What to wear to exercise in when you have warm light colouring, don’t want to draw attention to yourself and everything is black and fluro?