48: Colour and Style Q&A: Best Colour for a Face Mask, Can an A Shape wear Light Coloured Bottoms, My body shape has changed


In this Episode

0.08 What is the best colour for a face mask?
2.10 How do I wear stone pants when I have an A shape body and the advice is to wear dark bottoms?
4.11 I’m and X shape but my waist is no longer as slim as it was – how do I flatter my figure?

Face Masks

How to Find Your Ultimate Signature Colours

More on How to Find Your Signature Colours

7 steps to style program

A Shape and Light Coloured Pants

Body Shape Bible: Understanding How to Dress A Shape Bodies

How to Rock Patterns on Your Lower Half – X and A Shapes

P is for Pants

Easy Style Guide to the Best Pants for Your Body Shape

How to Flatter Your Tummy and Waist

Top 10 Tips on How To Make Your Tummy Look Slimmer

Where to End Tops to Make Your Hips and Tummy Look Slimmer


Tricky Trends – the Belted Blazer

Choosing Prints to Disguise Your Tummy

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