32: Colour and Style Q&A: When to Purge my Wardrobe? Using Hair Accessories to Create Colour and Value Contrast, Should I Add Seasonal Fashion Garments?

Can I use hair accessories instead of earrings or necklaces to create my ideal value and colour contrasts?
I’ve got a large wardrobe of creative/eclectic clothes that are still in good condition – should I be purging them?
What seasonal pieces should I be looking for to give my look a lift?
I have medium value contrast but my hair and skin only have a medium- low value contrast -if I just wear that I feel bland – I feel like I need darker clothes – please can you help?

27: Colour and Style Q&A: Can You Create a Neutral from a Blush Colour? Monochromatic – what to wear? What to Focus on Value or Colour Contrast if Neither is Dominant

What do think of creating a neutral from a blush (deep wine) colour?
I’m more monochromatic in my colour contrast – should I wear coloured neutrals with 1 colour?
If someone is neither colour contrast or value contrast dominant what should they focus on when putting outfits together?

24: Colour and Style Q&A: Jeans and Your Tummy, High Colour Contrast Wearing Neutrals, High Value Contrast Wearing Medium Value Colours

If you have a tummy you want to camouflage, what are the best jeans button colour be? Gold or silver or something that blends with the denim?
Can a high colour contrast person who prefers neutrals balance their desire for a neutral outfit while still looking their best?
I’m a high value contrast and low colour contrast, how can I wear a top in a bright medium value colour?

20: Colour and Style Q&A: Coloured Neutrals, Short Legs Skirt Lengths, What Colours Can’t Cool Undertone People Wear?

How would you define a coloured neutral? Can a Low Colour Contrast person have a coloured neutral? Is it determined by colour contrast, value contrast or palette? Does everyone have them?
X shape with long torso and short legs – skirt lengths to look proportionally good!
If cools can wear all the blues and violets, do warms get colours cools can’t wear?

11: Colour and Style Q&A: Most Common Colour Palettes? More Warm or Cool people? Dressy Jeans, High-Waisted Pants and Tummy

In this episode:
In your experience do the majority of people have warm or cool undertone?

In your Absolute Colour System which are the most common palettes?

Dark jeans are a staple, but don’t look great with my warm, light colouring – any suggestions for looking smart but still dressy casual in jeans?

I’m an hourglass with a protruding stomach, where do I end my tops and can I wear high-waisted pants?