20: Colour and Style Q&A: Coloured Neutrals, Short Legs Skirt Lengths, What Colours Can’t Cool Undertone People Wear?

How would you define a coloured neutral? Can a Low Colour Contrast person have a coloured neutral? Is it determined by colour contrast, value contrast or palette? Does everyone have them?
X shape with long torso and short legs – skirt lengths to look proportionally good!
If cools can wear all the blues and violets, do warms get colours cools can’t wear?

11: Colour and Style Q&A: Most Common Colour Palettes? More Warm or Cool people? Dressy Jeans, High-Waisted Pants and Tummy

In this episode:
In your experience do the majority of people have warm or cool undertone?

In your Absolute Colour System which are the most common palettes?

Dark jeans are a staple, but don’t look great with my warm, light colouring – any suggestions for looking smart but still dressy casual in jeans?

I’m an hourglass with a protruding stomach, where do I end my tops and can I wear high-waisted pants?

7: Colour and Style Q&A: Synthetic Fabrics, Styling Activity Trackers, Minimise Your Bust, Button Down or Zip Fly on Jeans

In This Episode:
Please can you contrast synthetic fabrics for their wear characteristics, particularly pilling and wrinkles?
How do you style an activity tracking watch (apple watch, fitbit etc) as they are clunky looking?
How to minimise the appearance of my boobs?
If you have a tummy which you want to minimise, which are better zip up or button up fly jeans?