Colour and Style Q&A: 54 Building wardrobe capsules, Online Shopping Tips and Pant Fit

Your questions answered in this episode:

0.13 How many tops should go with each bottom your wardrobe? When shopping should a new garment work with three other items?
5.39 Dresses and skirts are easy to buy, pants are hard to find and they never fit well – what makes it so hard?
10.40 Online shopping – it’s so hard to find the right things as fit and quality are not always apparent – any tips?

Wardrobe Capsules

6 Things Pregnancy Can Teach You About Building a Fabulous Wardrobe

Your Ultimate Guide to Creating Wardrobe Capsules

Two Important Factors to Consider When Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Pant Fit

Why It’s So Hard to Find Pants that Fit

Common Issues with Fit

P is for Pants

Online Shopping Tips

6 Online Shopping Tips to Help You Get the Right Colour

Tips for a More Successful Online Shopping Experience

4 Essentials You Need to Know Before You Shop Online

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