50: Colour and Style Q&A: Changing Hair Colour Changing Contrast, Column of Colour Tips, Purging your Wardrobe

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0.12 If I shave off my hair how will this change my value and colour contrasts?
3.43 H shape with a large bust – should I wear an inner or outer column of colour and should it be light, medium or dark?
8.13 Wardrobe help – I’m moving from a hotter to a colder climate, have lots of clothes – what should I keep and how do I figure out what to purge?

Shaving Head How Does it Change My Value and Contrasts?

Value Contrast and Your Value

How to Find Your Ultimate Colour Contrast – Your Three Step Process

How to Work with Your Contrast – Medium Contrast

H shape and a Large Bust – which sort of column of colour to disguise your tummy

how to choose a column of colour for your body shape

I like to wear an inner column of colour as an H shape it makes my lack of waist less obvious

Creating a Column of Colour Casual Outfit

How To Wear a Column of Colour For Your Body Shape

What’s My Style? Dressing my H shape (no waist) busty body

Wardrobe Help – moving how do I sort out what to keep and what I need?

How Many Clothes Do You Need in Your Wardrobe?

4 Simple Tips to Help You Build a Stylish Wardrobe of Clothes

Before You Throw It All Out for a Minimalist Wardrobe Read This

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