193: Colour and Style Q&A: Relaxed casual and age appropriate dressing.

0.08 I am a relaxed/casual, am a full-time working potter with a studio on our property, and live deep in the country. Any suggestions to spark things up? Thanks.
2.44 My biggest challenge, now that I’m 65, is finding clothes that don’t make me look like my 88 year-old mother or my 20 year-old grandaughter. So many women just seemed to give up on fashion at a certain age. I’m also a Deep Autumn and it seems all the fashions out there today are better suited for cool complexions. When I wear color I often feel like it is wearing me!
5.21 Relaxed style here. I feel I should step it up and not be so relaxed.. Any tips?

192: Colour and Style Q&A: Changing body shape, adding colours to your outfit, and classic boring clothes.

0.08 I have put on a lot of weight and my shape has changed dramatically. I could always highlight my waist before. Now I feel like a blob and need to wear loose tunics etc. It depresses me and I’m aimless just now while I am desperately trying to regain my healthy body.
2.19 I have very visible skin rash (a post COVID symptom) around the eyes and on the cheeks and am supposed not to cover it with make-up to let it “rest”. My colour palette is enigmatic and I am 1 colour plus neutral when my skin is normal.
4.09 My biggest challenge is: to feel better with my appearance, be less conventional, classical and boring and find joy in my clothes.

190: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on petite dressing style, proportions, and style recipe.

Being older and not very tall I struggle with knowing where and how to shop for my style
What is your opinion on the French/half tuck of tops? It works with my style recipe and it definitely improves proportions sometimes. But I always feel a little bit like I am trying too hard to look cool. Especially with button down shirts. Is this tuck a fad or a trend? Is getting the proportions right more important than anything else?
One of my big style struggles is having to decide each day what to wear. I don’t always have time to be creative, but wish the decisions were easier. Maybe that I had some more style options that I like or were easier to “go to” that I don’t have to fret through every morning.

189: Colour and Style Q&A: Matching skirts and shoes, dressing while losing weight, and shopping clothes

Do I wear back sandals with the skirt to make it relate to me or would that only accentuate the unideal color?
Do you have some tips on how to dress while trying to lose weight? I want to buy clothes that make me feel good at this weight but am nervous that I’m wasting money.
I think one of my biggest challenges right now when it comes to my style is, not knowing if I should buy pricier clothing items for style or not.

187: Colour and Style Q&A: How to wear light colour clothes for dark value colouring? Style tip guidelines for creative-dramatic dressing style and stay at home.

You have posts and info on light values wanting to wear darker colors to appear more authoritative/ professional, but what about a dark value gal who wants to lighten up to look more in tune with summer, be more femme, more approachable? If inner column is dark, then jacket/vest/ scarf near face would be light, but then darker looks better near face?
I’ve had a few colour analysis’ done with differing results. I am more creative/dramatic in my style, but still like having a few guidelines – any tips?
Could you talk about casual wear for various body types and footwear that’s flattering as we are all living in leggings and how to style up for living at home?

186: Colour and Style Q&A: Right fabrics for X shape body, most versatile shape for a scarf, mix and match clothes in my wardrobe

My problem is I find it hard to find tops to suit my X shape that are in natural fibres – tips on finding the right fabrics and clothes?
If I’m purchasing a scarf for the average shape – what is the most versatile shape – square, rectangle or infinity?
How do I have things in my wardrobe that I can swap and change and mix together?

185: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on handbag size. Feminine dressing when you have orthopaedic shoes and have heavy bone structure. Going grey.

How do I choose a handbag size to not overwhelm my body or to look miniature? As for handbag colour, does a person match their shoes, or blend or contrast with their clothing?
How do I dress in a feminine way when I have to wear orthopaedic shoes and have heavy bone structure, with wide shoulders and don’t feel small and dainty suits me, plus I’m an intellectual person and I want people to know this about me?
I’ve loved my autumn colours but am now going grey and finding it hard to figure out what colours suit me anymore. I cannot see anymore what suits me now

183: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on accessorizing, wardrobe transition, and disguising your tummy.

I’m interested in fancy barrettes/hair clips for my hair as I’m allergic to jewellery. Should I?
How to edit my wardrobe so it’s only full of clothes that I love and represent my style and work for me and I wish I could be OK with having fewer clothes.
How to hide excess weight when living in a humid environment and a jacket or cardigan is an impossibility?

181: Colour and Style Q&A: How to redirect focus away from the areas I want to camouflage? How do you put colours together and create contrast? How to combine part time working in business to mum in the playground?

How to redirect focus away from the areas I want to camouflage? I use a statement necklace frequently, but what are some other options?
How do you put colours together – I’m high contrast spring (Zesty) but hear colours should be the same value so how do I create contrast?
How to combine part time working in business with switching to being a mum in the playground without changing clothes?

180: Colour and Style Q&A: Dressing tips for petite, signs that you need to let that garment go, and lipstick colours.

Very Petite Dilemmas – it’s so impossible to find clothes and shoes to fit and when you are a size 14 or have a large bust what are you to do?
I have a very hard time getting rid of things I have had and loved for decades that are still in good shape. Any tips on what to keep and how to know it’s truly classic and what to let go of?
I’m cool, dark and smoky (Sophisticated) and am looking for blush and lipstick colours – are there any that are truly universal?

179: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips when you feel nothing fit or flatter your body, wearing trousers and tops when you’re overweight, and style shift with different workplaces.

I feel like I’m never stylish – it that my lack of shape means clothes don’t fit or flatter? I’m short too which doesn’t help – any suggestions?
I’d love to wear dresses and skirts but tend to always wear trousers and tops because I’m overweight. I find it hard to dress up! I also recently bought a bowler hat but haven’t had the courage to wear it yet.
My style shifts with different workplaces, cultures and activities and I”m quite non-conformist, whilst also being comfort orientated. I could like to add a piece or two from current trends to wear with my existing wardrobe. How to do this?

175: Colour and Style Q&A: Let’s talk about fashion trends, style rut and feminine-classic dressing style.

My challenge is that I want to keep up with style trends and apply them for me in an age-appropriate way for my lifestyle (I”m 60 and work in an office setting). But I really don’t have the time to read every fashion blog, follow the influencers, check Instagram, etc. etc. I would just like some curated suggestions every season to help me stay on-trend.
I wear dark bottoms and bright tops but feel I’m stuck in a rut with my dark bottoms plus they cut me in half and I have a tummy I don’t want to draw more attention to. How do I branch out without looking too matchy matchy or calling attention to my Plus size body?
How to feminise my classic style and even make it a bit sexy – help!

173: Colour and Style Q&A: How to mix and match greys? How to wear ballet flats in corporate world? How can I flatter my figure and distract from my tummy?

How to mix and match greys so they look good and I don’t look like I’ve gotten dressed in the dark
I have a back issue that means I can’t wear heels but I don’t feel polished in my corporate work outfits in ballet flats.
Petite H Shape with a tummy, how can I flatter my figure and distract from my tummy?

172: Colour and Style Q&A: Options for jeans, comfortable clothes but still feel feminine and tips to flatter large bust

I love wearing jeans but my legs look skinny in jeans. Otherwise I have harmonious body a slight inverted triangle and proportional legs – what are my options?
I like comfortable clothes so tend to put on jeans/jeggings and plain V neck sweater, but really want to feel more feminine – I find skirts swivel around so I avoid them – but maybe you have a tip or two on this). Any pointers to help?
I have a 44DD bust I’m 172 tall . I’ve tended to hide my bust in flowing loose clothes . Tried a figure fitting dress and I was quite amazed . I do look busty but in proportion . Why is this?

171: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips to good on video conference, finding jeans when you have O shape body and how to style poncho/blanket capes/ruanas

How to look good on video conference – not corporate, but not sloppy! How to look technically competent and feminine but not too overdressed.
I’m an O shape and find jeans never stay up and they hurt when you belt them – any tips?
Can you tell me how to style poncho/blanket capes and ruanas to flatter various body types?

168: Colour and Style Q&A: Should you stay unique or blend in with others? Wardrobe organisation. Looking stylish.

Is it perceived as more friendly and open to blend in with others or be more toned down? Should I be more unique as it relates to my personality?
I’ve got lots of one-off pieces in my wardrobe but nothing goes with anything? How do I think about my wardrobe so it’s not like several jigsaws that will never join up?
My challenge is to look good and stylish and not look silly. I wish to learn how to not buy random pants and sweaters and keep them in my closet forever but never wear them.