52: Colour and Style Q&A: Rolling Waistbands, Uniform Dressing and Fit on Shoulders for A Shapes

Your Questions Answered in this Episode:

0.15 Why do all my waistbands roll down? What can I do about it?
5.10 Can you chat about Uniform dressing? I’m thinking it could be useful
12.04 How can I tell if a shoulder seam needs to be right on the shoulders or dropped?

Fit Issues

How to Find Your Perfect Fit

The Best Clothing Alterations Based on Your Body Shape

Uniform Dressing

U is for Uniform

Wardrobe Capsules, Outfit Formulas and Uniforms – Which is Right for You?

Do You Like the Idea of “Uniform” Dressing?


How to Minimize Wide or Square Shoulders

How to Broaden Your Shoulders with a Jacket

How to Broaden Your Shoulders


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