58: Colour and Style Q&A: Style a Leather Skirt, Balance between Red Skin and Dyed Reddish Brunette Hair, Colour Scheme for Interior Design

In This Episode

0.12 How to style a leather skirt
2.48 How do I balance a clash between my red skin and my dyed reddish brunette hair – it’s hard to make it ashy and is often too dark
7.34 What colour scheme recommendations do you have for interior design – is it OK to clash undertones or mixed intensities?

Leather Skirt Styling

Stylish Thoughts – What I Wore 2Day

Stylish Thoughts – Ephemera

How to Style Leather Look Leggings Over 40

Hair Colouring

How to Know if Your Hair Colour Is Wrong

How to Keep Blonde Hair From Going Brassy

How to Choose a Flattering Hair Colour

Mixing Colours

How to Mix and Match Colours

How to Choose Colours That Are Super Easy to Mix and Match

What are Clashing Colours?

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