Going grey - step 1 - Alison Goodman author

A Spicy Gal Goes Grey

by Alison Goodman To grey or not to grey. That has become the question. During four long months in Melbourne lockdown, I saw my meticulously dyed long red hair—a trademark look for me¬—sprout a parting of silvery grey. My first reaction was ‘good grief, hand me the root spray’. Yet, slowly, as the silver grew…


Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 34

In This Video 0.08 How to get ideas for outfits when all the inspiration is on slim young women – it’s hard to translate this to my size 3.00 – Finding clothes that fit and are affordable when you’re short and plus size 8.13 – I’m a short waisted pear shape (A Shape) is there…


Your Colour and Style Questions Answered on Video: 32

In This Video 0.09 How do you get your own taste in clothing to offer helpful advice to others? How can you distinguish personal preference from style faux pas? 7.53 – Do muted colours on sheen fabrics read as lighter or darker? Will they advance or recede? 9.02 – Can you define mental and emotional…

Woman wearing white denim jacket and purple top

9 Essential Steps for a Successful Wardrobe Transition

Not just the bi-annual wardrobe transitions from summer to winter and back again. What do you do when your wardrobe needs a major overhaul? Where to start? You first need to define your personal style. Watch the video and discover how to transition your wardrobe to one that works for you, your lifestyle and personal…