8 Tips for Finding Your Signature Style

Reader Question: My biggest style challenge is finding my signature style. Despite my creative, rebellious nature, I tend to gravitate towards very basic clothing (although I’m partial to graphic tees, Converse sneakers, and my motorcycle jacket). I am trying to move up in the corporation I work at. I’ve been investing in some work clothing…

How You Can Develop a Personal Style that Opens Doors

How You Can Develop a Personal Style that Opens Doors – Free Masterclass

Discover the power of style and why you want to harness it In this content-packed masterclass I’ll be sharing my 18+ years of experience working with thousands of women from around the world. You’ll get actionable tips and advice to help you turn your personal style into an asset that helps open doors and attract opportunities.  A style…

Sequin boots as part of my personal brand image that is authentic to my style

Inauthentic vs Unfamiliar Style

What’s the difference between inauthentic versus unfamiliar style?  How do you know when something is authentic, just unfamiliar, rather than it being inauthentic? Watch the Video Where I discuss the unfamiliar and the inauthentic (and authentic).   Unfamiliar Style Unfamiliar can be anything you don’t wear frequently.  It can be patterns, colours, styles of clothing,…