Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
126: Colour and Style Q&A: Turtle Neck, Opulent swatch, Shopping successfully

In This Episode

0.10 Can I wear a turtle neck or polo neck with a soft rounded chin and jowls?
2.15 I have brown skin and there are some browns in my Opulent swatch close to my skin colour – can I wear these alone or not?
4.20 I keep buying things that I end up not wearing, how can I shop more successfully?

Tips on how to Accessorize and flatter your feature

Your Ultimate Guide to 17 Necklines and Which to Choose to Flatter Your Features

Understanding Balance Points and How They Influence Your Choice of Neckline

Layering Tops – The All Important Neckline

Understanding the Colour Brown

How to Select Your Best Neutrals

How to Pick the Undertone of Brown to Find the Most Flattering Shade

Psychology of the Colour Brown

How to shop like a Pro

How I Help Clients Shop Smarter By Making a Simple Purchasing Decision Graphic

Shop Your Wardrobe First

How to Have a Successful Shopping Trip

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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