Top 10 Things to Take to a Blogging Conference


My Blogopolis Shoes

This Friday I’m flying to Sydney as on Saturday I’ll be speaking at, and attending Nuffnang Blogopolis.  It’s the first blogging conference I’ve spoken at, so am pretty excited.  So what to take with me?

1. Laptop – even though I have the WordPress app on my ipad plus an external keyboard, I just can’t type as fast on it as I can on a laptop as the keyboard is small and I’m a touch typist, one of the best skills I learned back in my teenage years.

2. iPad – for those quick notes that I like to jot down, no worries about waiting for the laptop to boot up.  I love using Evernote to capture ideas and thoughts no matter where I am as it syncs from phone to iPad to my desktop computer, so I never have to worry about losing an idea.  My iPad will be used for Facebooking and Tweeting thoughts and ideas that I pick up during the conference.

3. An outfit to present my session in – what to wear?  My session is the first one of the day.    All I know, is that I’m planning on wearing these shoes, so will figure out the rest of my outfit around them.

4. An outfit to wear to dinner with the other presenters on Friday night.

5. Business cards – If you have any kind of business, or blog, never, ever, leave the house without a stack of cards as you never know who you’ll meet, and if you don’t have them, people forget your details.

6. My iPhone – which is also my camera these days!

7.  My mobile WiFi device – for those moments when I don’t have WiFi otherwise provided (or it’s too slow because 200 other bloggers are trying to use it at the same time) and I want to connect to the internet on my laptop.

8.  Power cords to ensure that everything is completely juiced up.

9.  An open mind and my curiosity – you can always learn something new and pick up a tip or two.

10. A smile on my dial, plus some flat shoes to walk through the airport in after a day in the heels.

Are you coming to Blogopolis?  You can book your tickets here.

What would you take to a blogging conference?


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