Tips to Help You Layer More Stylishly


Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and tackle the topic of how to wear layers in this video post.  We are both advocates of layers, Jill comes from a tropical climate and I live in a temperate climate (but on the colder end of the temperate zone) where I have to layer daily in winter.

Tips on Layering

Layering starts closest to your skin.  You can layer both over the top of other items, or underneath your outer garments with pieces that are never seen.

How to Wear Layers - Summer and Winter
Layering a long wrap waterfall cardigan with closure

Layering in Winter Could Look Like This:

How to wear layers in winter
Layering over the top with a long cape


  • Camisole
  • Long Sleeve Cotton Knit
  • Long Sleeve Woollen Knit
  • Sweater/Jumper
  • Jacket
  • Cape/Coat
  • Tights/Leggings/Thermal underwear
Tips on Layering Outfits
Adding a pair of red tights and a fur jacket and scarf

Layering in Summer

You may want to layer for modesty (such as add a cami or b-string for a lower neckline) or long sleeve blouse or kimono for sun protection if it’s hot.

Depending on the climate lightweight cotton layers can work well such as cardigans and shrugs, dusters or kimonos.

How to wear layers
Layering a wrap cardigan over a camisole adds an extra dimension of colour.

What You Can Add as Layers Over the Top

how to wear layers
Use a stole to add a layer to your everyday outfit



Tips on Layering Outfits

Add a ponte jacket (they’re comfortable) to dress up jeans

How to wear layers - tips on layering in winter and summer

A cardigan with a fun trim adds a layer with some interest like this leopard fur trimmed cardi


How to wear layers - add a jacket
Think about the textures of your jackets, it doesn’t just have to be wool or cotton, it could be faux fur.

There are so many ways to layer and Jill has shared just a few of her outfits (you can see more here too) to give you some inspiration for trying different layering options in your outfits.

How to Wear Layers - Layering with a poncho
Layering with a poncho

How to Wear Layers - Layering with a waterfall cardigan and a scarf
Layering with a waterfall cardigan and a scarf

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How to Wear Layers - what items you can layer and how to think about layering in your outfits - video post


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  • When you were talking about ” old lady cardigans ” it made me think of the old joke, what is a cardigan? something your mother makes you put on when she is cold. Hopefully we have come a long way since those white crimplene numbers of my childhood. Another great video from you and Jill, l could so relate to the inside layering in Australian winters, being from NE Victoria where we get those brilliant sunny winter days it is often warmer outside than inside the house.

  • Imogen and Jill, thank you so much for this video on layering. Great ideas, and I find how you put your outfits together very inspiring. Apart from seeing how you layer different items of .clothing, I never thought of picking out the colour of a tee-shirt or a bag in a similar coloured accessory, for instance a bracelet; I will be looking through my somewhat meagre accessory wardrobe and seeing what I can do with what I’ve got, and reading lots more posts on accessories.
    Imogen, you are so generous with your knowledge. I have learned so much since reading your blog and really appreciate your clear explanations as well as your wardrobe examples – both photos and Polyvore outfits. I signed up for Style Manifesto a few weeks ago, which has made me think about style and what I would like to project via what I wear (memo to self: perhaps recycle some of those old-lady cardigans with crew necks…). Thank you once again for all your hard work.

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