What to Wear Under a Jacket


Recently I wrote a post on what to wear under cardigans, which has led onto one of my readers asking what to wear under a jacket – as some things just don’t look right.

How to Layer Jackets


It’s easy to wear a button up shirt or blouse under a jacket, but when it’s cold you may want to add an extra layer.

The sorts of tops that don’t work well include most cross over knits.

  • Crew necks
  • V necks
  • Scoop necks
  • Boat necks
  • Turtle necks

are all ideal for layering under a jacket.

Sweaters that work well under jackets:

Which sorts of necklines do you prefer under your jackets?


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    • You can either wear it over the top of the jacket collar, or underneath – in traditional men’s businesswear dressing you always wear it inside the suit collar – but then we are not men – and unlikely to have to worry about that rule! Kind of depends on the shape and spread of the collar too.

    • You can wear your collar over the jacket collar or under – depends on the shapes and spread really. In traditional men’s businesswear you only ever wear the shirt collar inside of the jacket collar, but these rules do not apply to women.

  • I have way more jackets/blazers than one human being needs, or at least that’s what my DH says. 🙂

    It depends on which jacket I am wearing what neckline I prefer. The most common one would probably be square since I tend to like to wear camis underneath instead of shirts.

    This is a great post because it breaks down WHY certain tops I own don’t work under certain jackets. I just knew they didn’t look right so don’t pair them together. I’m excited to wield the knowledge now rather than figuring it out thru trial and error.

  • Thanks for answering the question about layering jackets! I love my blazers but find they are a bit tricky to add a sweater layer underneath comparing to coats and jackets that has button-ups all the way up-and-down. 😛

    But when you say sweaters, do you mean the jumper/pullover ones only or are cardigans included as well?
    Im from Sweden, so the terms might be a bit different. In some countries, people seems to use sweaters for knitted tops like jumpers/pullovers + turtlenecks and put cardigans/waistcoats in another category. Australian English and british/american seems also be a bit different (like thongs and flip-flops, haha!). 😛

  • Great post. Imogen, could I please ask you to do a post showcasing celebrities or even models with bright vs muted (either/both warm or cool) colouring with them wearing more vs less flattering colours in terms of that colour’s intensity so that we can see the difference?

  • Imogen, could you please post a link to what to wear under the cardigan post? I am very interested in it, but could not find it.

    Thank you for the great blog!

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