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scarf storage ideas

13 Ways to Wear Scarves

  Ways to Wear a Scarf by imogenl featuring urban outfitters scarves Some people are jewellery people, some people are scarf people, I like…

My Style- Scarves - tips for wearing scarves as part of your outfit

My Style: Scarves for Winter

Accessories are great for adding interest and a hero to your outfit.  They can provide additional colours and contrast to an outfit really easily….

scarf storage ideas

How to Store Scarves

Lovely blogger NotSupermum asked how to store her collection of around 50 scarves. So I’m bringing you some options to consider. Here are a…

how to tie a long rectangular scarf

Rectangular Scarf Tie

  There are heaps of ways to tie long rectangular scarves, many are more suited to winter weight scarves.  These days there are so…

Petite Scarf Advice

Opt for fine wovens Maria has left a new comment on your post “13 Ways to Wear a Pashmina or Long Rectangular Sca…“: I…