In Imogen’s Wardrobe – Trans Seasonal Dressing


Melbourne, where I live, is considered to be a temperate climate, though all I think that means is, we are not tropical, but we get some pretty hot weather in summer, but never get snow in winter, but it does get cold (though I’m sure you Northern Hemisphere snow dwellers would disagree!).

We don’t need a completely different winter wardrobe here as many fabrics will work year round, so there are many garments in my wardrobe I like to layer up in winter so I can still wear them.

I’m often asked by clients how best to layer, particularly as Melbourne is known as one of those “4 Seasons in One Day” kind of places,  so thick  layers don’t work well.

For instance, today I have on a dress (by Oscar and Oscar) with a long sleeve merino knit top (Glassons),  jacket (Jacqui E) with tights and boots (Django & Juliette).  Because it was only 7 degrees (celcius) this morning when I left the house, I put on a jacket over the top, but now it’s 18 degrees  so I have taken off the jacket.

I also layer cotton/elastane knits under this dress too.

When layering, the neckline is really important – the two necklines of tops should work with each other – so because this dress has a squarish neck, I’ve put a top with soft square rather than V-neck underneath.

I also like to wear alternate colours when  I layer, but sometime might layer with a black top or something more similar to the dress so that you don’t notice that it’s a short sleeve dress in the same way.

If I’m layering tops with jeans, I will make sure that only the top coloured top can be seen at the hem as I don’t want to further shorten my short waist by having multiple horizontal hems at my waist.

By the way, these Glassons merino knit tops are one of my little secrets – they are high quality New Zealand merino wool, machine washable, and every year they bring them out in different colours with a few different necklines,  and they’re only $39.95.  What I love about them is that I’ve got a few now that are a few years old and they don’t pill!   Mid winter I’ll often layer a couple of  them as they’re fine enough to layer but the wool gives some warmth.  If you’re really cold you can also layer a Giordano long sleeve cotton knit underneath (or if you don’t like the feel of wool against your skin).


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  • You look great, Imogen! I am a big fan of this layering myself, but have the added inconvenince of working in an office that’s freezing all year round!

  • You look fantastic. I loved that bracelet and your accessories too. What makes this dressing look special is its color combination. Loved your shoes a lot!

  • You look great & thanks for the tip re Glassons merino tops! I’ve long been a fan of Icebreaker but they’re very expensive. Now I know where to shop for quality merino at a very affordable price. Many thanks. 🙂

  • Aaah the glassons tops! I’ve been buying them for years and have a vast collection – terrific under anything. Thanks for a great blog!

  • I can see Glassons do not ship overseas until next year. Do you know any other good brands that ship internationally and sells nice layer-able knitwear for good prices? 🙂 I live in Denmark btw.

  • Thanks for the tip on the tops I have been buying from outdoor stores – looking forward to seeing their next winter stock!

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