How to Wear a Cropped Top or Sweater (Jumper)


Hi. I’ve been reading your blog and found it amazingly helpful!
Can you give me some tips for wearing crop shirts? Certainly, they can make your legs look longer. But I’ve seen people wearing them, and sometimes their legs looked rather short because the short tops only emphasized their bottoms. I see the difference, but I can’t find what makes such a difference. Thanks!

how to wear cropped tops

Cropped shirts and tops are everywhere at the moment, and if you don’t want to have your tummy hanging out then you need to think about how to wear them to flatter your figure.

If you don’t want to further emphasise your bottom, think about wearing an alternate colour tank or top (fitted) underneath the crop top and wear it lower than the bottom of the crop top (but not too low), that way you won’t lose leg length, but you will also cover your tummy and the horizontal of the cropped shirt or top will draw the eye upwards.

The ideal point for most women to end tops is around the hip bone level, it doesn’t shorten the legs, nor make the body look too boxy.

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How to Wear a Cropped Top when You Don’t have a Defined Waist



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