336: Personality and Your Style

In This Episode   0.10 I took the personality test and received the relaxed style answer. I would not wear most of what is shown in that style, not would I wear most of those colors. I am perplexed. Please help. Relaxed Dressing Style How to Use Your Personality to Create Stylish Outfits When You…

332: Your colour questions answered about wardrobe

I seem to have a full wardrobe but nothing matches. I have no plan when doing shopping
My biggest challenge is a lack of time and although I have managed to have a big edit in my wardrobe of late, I really struggle to know how to put outfits together that work naturally.
I struggle with simplifying my wardrobe. I know what I look good in, but I want to look good in other styles so I buy them and never wear them because they don’t fit my lifestyle.

331: Your colour questions answered about 8 shape body, feminine dressing style and body shape quiz.

I struggle with my mid-section. I believe I’m an 8 shape. I’m lean with an hourglass shape with a slightly wider high hip. I’m always trying to hide my tummy and I’m sure of how to look long and lean.
My main problem is that I hide my femininity.
My biggest challenge right now is this: I have had a rapid weight gain with hormonal and adrenal disruption (hello menopause and stress). My body is different. Nothing fits. I’m not sure if this is temporary or my new body.

310: Your colour questions answered about Cancer, a Mastectomy and Weight Gain, Body Changes That Make Shopping Hard and the Mum Style Rut and Plus Size Pear and Adding White

Right now I’m struggling with my style I’m having chemo and then breast surgery- so thin and straw-like hair, weight gain from chemo and a future flat chest are taking over my style at present and I lack energy – any tips?
Biggest challenge is finding clothes I a) like in shops that b) suit my age and figure. Clothes are either super skimpy or loose-fitting which only makes me look bigger than I am.
Wearing a scarf simply adds bulk to my profile. Aside from waistcoats and jackets, is there any thing else I can do to reintroduce a little white?