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Inside Out Style
310: Your colour questions answered about Cancer, a Mastectomy and Weight Gain, Body Changes That Make Shopping Hard and the Mum Style Rut and Plus Size Pear and Adding White

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Cancer, a Mastectomy and Weight Gain

0.08 Right now I’m struggling with my style I’m having chemo and then breast surgery- so thin and straw-like hair, weight gain from chemo and a future flat chest are taking over my style at present and I lack energy – any tips?

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The Value of Having Go-To Outfits and Your Own Outfit Formula for Speedy Stylish Dressing

Body Changes That Make Shopping Hard and the Mum Style Rut

3.26 I’m turning 40 this year (though I still feel 30 honestly!), I have an 18 month old baby and I just feel like my style is in a huge, Mum-rut.
Since dropping my breastfeeding down to once a day, I noticed the weight start to creep on around my tummy (and I’ve always been a naturally thin person) – so if I try to wear any of my dresses, I almost look like I could be pregnant again. I feel yuk when I look in the mirror, and I’m sick of always wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
Biggest challenge is finding clothes I a) like in shops that b) suit my age and figure. Clothes are either super skimpy or loose-fitting which only makes me look bigger than I am.
I have a classic hourglass shape, with hips and a bum (and now a little pouch in the front) – so even the clothes I think I like on the model or mannequin – hardly ever suit my shape.
I feel like this makes me super fussy when it comes to clothes, because I never feel comfortable.


How Not to Buy Crap Ever Again

3 Strategies to Have a More Successful Clothes Shopping Experience

Plus Size Pear and Adding White

10.34 I struggle with being a plus size pear, who appears to be more like an apple. My profile is my biggest challenge. On profile my skinny legs just accentuate the fullness of my torso, so I’ve thrown away skinnies, tapered pants, straight leg pants and joggers. I have also thrown away leggings and skirts above or at the knee in order to create a softer contrast between these two areas.
I also miss wearing white tops, especially in winter. Wearing a scarf simply adds bulk to my profile. Aside from waistcoats and jackets, is there any thing else I can do to reintroduce a little white?

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