337: Your colour questions answered about neutrals, h shape and undertones.

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0:14 How to choose neutrals other than black even though it doesn’t suit my personality and I find it harsh. I find it hard to find greys that go together as there are so many different shades. What are some smart solutions for combining neutrals?

Wear Your Best Neutrals

How do I Find the Right Neutrals to Act as an Anchor for My Wardrobe?

How to Discover Neutrals with the Right Undertone For You

How to Build a Wardrobe of the Right Neutral Basics For You

03:37 The H shape body guide is making sense to me. The one piece of advice I find confusing is to avoid anything at the waist. I though if you don’t have much waist definition you can fool the eye by adding a belt or using contrasting colors where your waist should be (in my case, used to be.). Can you elaborate on why this doesn’t work? I like to wear full length, high waisted pants with a jacket that hits right at the waist or a peplum top with a fairly flat bottom ruffle the same color as my pants to create that one third/two thirds body proportion look.

How to Dress H Shape

Body Shapes Explained – H Shape (rectangle)

5 Tips To Flatter an H Shape with a Tummy

What’s The Turning Point from 8 Shape to H Body Shape?

08:14 I’m still struggling with the issue of undertones and overtones. Do you have any single color comparison charts with warm and cool versions at opposite ends of the spectrum? Or a side by side comparison of a color where the intensity is the same, but one is cool and the other is warm? I don’t think my eyes are seeing differences very well. if I don’t wear makeup people have commented that they see pink/red when I flush or have a sunburn, but foundations recommended for warm skin colors seem to blend better with my skin, even when they look too yellow at first. It is so confusing.

Undertones and Overtones

How to Identify the Undertone of Colours

How to Choose the Right Foundation Colour

Discover Your Colours – Skin Undertone,Overtone & Makeup

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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