336: Personality and Your Style

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0.10 I took the personality test and received the relaxed style answer. I would not wear most of what is shown in that style, not would I wear most of those colors. I am perplexed. Please help.

Relaxed Dressing Style

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4.26 I have to confess, I became dubious of your style quiz half way through because none of the images captured any outfit I would want to wear, but I tried to pick the most appropriate. But then, the summary was spot on! I’ve always wanted to express my individuality in what I wear. I like to mix new and vintage, I also do a lot of sewing. The challenge I face is fit. It’s a combination of finding that happy medium between the silhouettes that I’m drawn to and the ones that are flattering on my body shape. Also, getting anything to fit right. After years of sewing, I’m finally narrowing in on some of the alterations that are necessary, but it’s still a struggle to go to my closet and pull out things that I love and make me feel great. I just had a color consultation, and I feel relatively confident that this palette of swatches will help me with choosing the right colors. I’m drawn to bold prints in bold colors, but often didn’t feel great in them and I think it’s because they were really fighting with me a bit.
If I had one, wish, it would be to go to my closet and not feel like I had to try on so many things before I could put together an outfit and feel confident and happy with it.

Personality Style Quiz

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9.43 I’ve given it a little thought and the biggest challenge to my style is this: I have been typed Classic by you and Natural Classic by another system. I agree but I’m not very excited about it. The thing is in my mind classic is just a fancy word for “plain Jane”. I feel a little like a wall flower. How do I put a little more class and pizazz in my classic without getting too fussy or funky? I also have an “I” shape and I believe according to my architecture I’m a little long chin to breast thus making my top slightly longer than the bottom half. Otherwise proportionate. I have been draped a Dark brown summer I partially agree preferring mid tones to dark. I too am in my fifties.

Classic Dressing Style

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