329: Your colour questions answered about how to wear stylish clothes, winter clothing and how to have versatile wardrobe.

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0.08: Can you help me to find the courage to wear stylish clothes when it hasn’t been my look?

How to Wear Stylish Clothes

How to Build Your Style Muscles and Become More Stylish

How to Create a Stylish Outfit? What Are Your Criteria that Makes it Great?

Master the Art and Science of Putting Together Stylish Outfits

4.37 I struggle with Putting items together in a cohesive and versatile way. Any tips you can share?

How to Build a Cohesive and Versatile Wardrobe

How to Build Your Personal Style Home From the Foundations Up

Confident Style Simplified: 6 Tips for Building Your Perfect Core Capsule Wardrobe

Understanding Colour Contrast and Putting Outfits Together

9.19 I live in a cold climate. It’s easy for me to feel stylish in the spring, summer, and fall – but I feel dowdy and dumpy all winter long.
I need to dress in cozy layers to keep warm (leggings with fleece over pants, long sleeve 1st layer with fleece or sweater 2nd layer, practical “everything”, scarves, toques (I’m in Canada). 

How to Dress for Extremely Cold Weather

The Secrets of the Most Stylish Winter Outfits

How to Layer in Winter (or Any Season) Using More Than One Colour

Winter Dressing in Skirts and Dresses Without Feeling Cold

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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