327: Your colour questions answered about clothing values, body shape and outfit inspiration.

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0.08 My biggest challenge is trying to pick clothes or trying to go through the ones in my closet trying to understand what clothing I like myself rather than feeling like I should dress in a certain way for someone else, or approval from other people. I feel like the way I want to dress is confused with others ideal version of me and I dont’ currently know what my personal style is because of it. Help!

Clothing Values and Their Impact on Your Clothing Choices

Simple Outfits vs Complex Ones – Which Should You Choose?

Inauthentic vs Unfamiliar Style

Finding Your Style and Determining the True You

7.00 I struggle with the most is what body shape I am. When I try clothes on, my heart tells me one thing but my eyes tell me another. This is probably silly but that is my worries

Embrace The Body You Have Today

What Does Knowing Your Body Shape Really Tell You?

How to Adapt Your Wardrobe to Fashion’s Changing Silhouettes

Why You Must Be So Careful About Your Self-Talk

11.03 My look feels blah and I don’t know where to get inspired. Since 2020 my job has become completely virtual. I moved to a different town that isn’t close to retailers so I rely on the internet and it has a very different climate. So many changes! I used to have my work wardrobe down, but now they feel too formal for a working from home mom.

Outfit Ideas and Inspiration

Ideas and Inspiration to Upcycle & Refashion Your Denim

Where Do You Get Your Style Inspiration From?

8 Top Tips for Combining a Classic Dressing Style with Practical Lifestyle Needs

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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