334: Your colour questions answered about matching colours, shoe wardrobe and menopause

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0.08 How to pick the warm/cool palette when patterns have a mix of both warm and cool colours (eg. Blue and orange, blue and yellow).

How to Mix and Match Colours

How to Choose Colours That Are Super Easy to Mix and Match

My Style: Mixing Patterns

11 Genius Ways to Mix Prints and Patterns Like a Pro

5.02 I struggle with choosing shoes -what shoes to wear with what!! That’s a hard one for me, I just want warm comfy feet!

All about Shoes

How to Have the Perfect Wardrobe of Shoes

When Should You Wear Nude Shoes?

Your Ultimate Flat Shoe Wardrobe and Where to Find Those Elusive Perfect Shoes

11.29 I have so many clothes and do not know what really suits me. During the day I wear jeans and a t shirt. I am post menopausal and in one of your videos that I watched you said our bodies are not the same and how true that is. I am carrying weight around my middle and it is hard to find what suits this

Let’s Talk about Menopause

6 Essential Tips on How to Dress Stylishly When You Have Menopausal Weight Gain

Things I Wish I Knew about Menopause Before I Went Through It

Shift Happens: 15 Style Tips For Menopause and Perimenopausal Changes

6 Tips for Looking Stylish When Menopause Hits

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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