338: Your colour questions answered about jeans, style confidence and alterations.

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0:10 I need help to figure out what jeans look good on me!!! These new styles all look dumb on me

How to Choose Jeans Styles

16 Ways to Wear Jeans

How To Choose The Right Jeans Rise For Your Body Shape

How to Choose Jeans Styles to Flatter Your Hips

How To Wear Jeans and a Top for Your Personality Style

3:16 Can you please Help me overcome my style insecurities? Ok, I realise since that is a personal growth thing, I think a realistic answer would be to purge the garments and accessories that are wrong for me & fill my wardrobe with items that make me look and feel perfectly me.

How to Develop Your Style Confidence

5 Simple Ways To Develop Style Confidence

How to Develop Your Style When You Lack Confidence

How To Dress in a Way That Makes You Feel Consistently Stylish

How Your Clothes Impact Your Confidence: Unveiling the Power of Personal Style

7:03 I struggle as most clothing styles don’t fit my body type. I would like more styles to fit without alterations.

How a Small Alteration Makes a Big Difference

6 Alteration Ideas for Better Fit and a More Stylish Look That You Can Try at Home

The Best Clothing Alterations Based on Your Body Shape

Your Guide to Tailoring and Alterations

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

If you’re sick of wasting money on clothes that don’t work and you know there is a better way, then join my 7 Steps to Style program and get the right information for you and your style.

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