316: Your colour questions answered about trends, interesting outfit and creating harmonious outfit

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0.08 I’d love you to teach me to combine my style ideas. How to be dressed practically and attractively, comfortable and, how to make my outfit interesting but not crazy , how to look vibrant but not aggressive – it seems impossible

How to Make Basic Outfits More Creative and Interesting

How to Make a Monochromatic Outfit Interesting

3 Easy Ways to Add Interest to Your Summer Outfits When It’s Too Hot to Add Layers

How to Take the Extra Step to Complete and Upgrade Your Outfits

5 Tips For Looking Stylish In Casual Outfits

5.12 I compare myself too much to others and am tempted to follow trends – even when they don’t fit my lifestyle or body type how can I be confident that my clothing choices are truly what looks the best on me and so eliminate outfit fails

Should You Wear that Fashion Trend?

Should You Wear that Fashion Trend?

Fashionably Fabulous, Not Frumpy or Fashion Victim

How to Balance Fashion Trends with Flattery

9.45 How can I know what pieces go together so I don’t have the anxiety of trying on everything in my closet and still feel like I have nothing to wear

Putting Together Stylish Outfits

All My Best Tips and Inspiration for Putting Together Stylish Outfits

Is There a Process for Putting Stylish Outfits Together?

How to Choose Linking Pieces and Accessories to Co-ordinate Your Outfit More Stylishly

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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