60: Colour and Style Q&A: What is the Best Dark Natural?, Which Colours are Greate Colours for Me?, Can You Share Tips on Dressing?

0.06 What is the best dark neutral for someone with light skin and black or almost black hair?
1.42 I’ve got a low value contrast and medium-low colour contrast and I find that when I wear navy and red or orange together it doesn’t work – yet these colours are supposed to be great colours for me?
6.28 Can you share tips on dressing when you’ve had a new baby and are breastfeeding when you prefer more structured and fitted clothes?

46: Colour and Style Q&A: A shape Can I wear dark top, Adding the right contrast with an accessory and can you be a mix of warm and cool?

If you have an ideal value of medium light and medium-low value contrast but are an A shape – can you wear dark tops? 
My young son has warm skin and cool eyes – can he be a mix of colouring?
If I’m neutrals plus 2 colours can I just wear a different coloured necklace to the colour in my top, or do I need to add that colour to more areas of my outfit – such as a bracelet too? 

41: Colour and Style Q&A: Using Skin to Create Colour and Value Contrast, Colour Schemes for a Wardrobe Capsule, Dramatic Personality with Soft Colouring

Can a person’s skin colour be used to create colour or value contrast?
What tips can you share when planning a colour scheme for a wardrobe capsule?
I have a dramatic personality but my colouring calls for softer colours – how do I create the drama I love in outfits whilst still flattering my colouring?