68: Colour and Style Q&A: How do I Make New Outfits from my Existing Wardrobe?, What to Wear when Work Style is Different?, How to Get the Proportions Right between Top and Bottom?

0.08 How do I make new outfits from my existing wardrobe? I always end up wearing the same outfits over and over again
10.39 What to wear when your works style has to be very different from your personal style?
15.00 How to get the proportions right between top and bottom when wearing shorts and a top in summer?

67: Colour and Style Q&A: How can an 8 Shape Wear Kimono?, How do I Look Glamorous in Summer?, How do I have a Wardrobe Full of Outfits?

0.09 I love the look of a kimono – how can an 8 Shape wear this?
1.41 How do I look glamorous in summer when I’m at home when I’m not wearing shorts and tees that make me feel sloppy
3.32 How do I have a wardrobe full of outfits that are fine for work at home, but that I don’t need a complete change of clothes when I go into town for meetings?

66: Colour and Style Q&A: How do I Look Stylish?, How do you determine the undertone?, Struggling to find My Style Now that I’ve Retired

0.10 I’ve moved from city to country and recently retired, how do I look stylish not scruffy but still casual enough so I don’t make others feel uncomfortable?
10.22 How do you determine the undertone of greys and taupes?
12.40 I’m struggling to find my style now that I’ve retired and no longer need a work wardrobe and it also needs a purge

60: Colour and Style Q&A: What is the Best Dark Natural?, Which Colours are Greate Colours for Me?, Can You Share Tips on Dressing?

0.06 What is the best dark neutral for someone with light skin and black or almost black hair?
1.42 I’ve got a low value contrast and medium-low colour contrast and I find that when I wear navy and red or orange together it doesn’t work – yet these colours are supposed to be great colours for me?
6.28 Can you share tips on dressing when you’ve had a new baby and are breastfeeding when you prefer more structured and fitted clothes?