122: What to do when you're stuck in a style rut?

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Why is it that when we are in a shop and we ‘must‘ buy a new piece of clothing, do we love it so much then that we are compelled to part with our hard earned money (or even worse, spend on credit), yet when we get it home, add it to the wardrobe and then look inside we’ll often complain that we have no clothes and don’t like what we already have (and thus feel compelled to go and buy another new garment)?
Is it that we don’t really love what we are buying?  We’re just bored with what we already have?  Or is there some other reason that makes us go from love to hate so quickly?


There are a few reasons for this that spring to my mind.

7 Reasons Why You Hate What’s In Your Wardrobe


1. Bored with Your Life

Yes, nothing to do with your wardrobe – but instead you’re finding your life is dull or unfulfilling in some way, shopping is filling an emotional hole and bringing something home feels like you’ve had some success (it’s the hunter/gatherer instinct in us).  Sadly you’re not making good choices for many reasons (some of them will be below) as you’re buying for the wrong reasons.


2. Bored with Your Wardrobe

You’ve got too many things that are too similar and so you shop and purchase something different – yet that different is not representative of your personal style and what you feel comfortable wearing – and so you end up hating it as it just doesn’t feel like you when you put it on.


3. Not Sure of Your Style

You really don’t know much about what you like and dislike – you haven’t developed your own set of style rules or guidelines.   So when you shop you buy what’s currently in fashion, whether or not it works for you or your style because you don’t have enough information to make good decisions around how to express your personality through your clothing and accessories.


4. Not Sure of Your Shape and What Flatters

You don’t know what really suits you (probably why you’re here on this blog for some answers) and so you purchase clothing that is on-trend – or just available where you sho, and you don’t realise you’re making a poor decision as the shape doesn’t flatter, yet you don’t realise it til you get it home and wear it and just don’t feel fabulous like you should.  Your body shape may have changed with age or a stage of life, and what you’d purchased in the past that worked, may no longer be so great anymore, but you’re really not sure what to wear instead.  If this is you – then do my body shape calculator quiz and discover what you should be looking for!


5. Not Aware of the Colours That Make You Look Amazing

Like body shape, colours make a massive difference to how great you look.  The best colours will make you look alive and vibrant, they will smooth your skin and take years off your age.  Your colouring changes and maybe you’re stuck wearing colours that were once great but aren’t as good anymore as you no longer have the same hair and skin colour as you did when you were younger.


6. You’re Easily Swayed

You are a people pleaser and find it hard to say no to a helpful salesperson.  Wanting to keep everyone happy, you purchase because you don’t want to disappoint, rather than making an assessment of the item and if it’s really going to be a great item that you’ll wear again and again.


7. Rinse and Repeat

You keep buying almost the same garment over and over.  You think to yourself “black pants are always useful” or “I wear tees all the time, another one will be handy” or “I wear things like this and I don’t want to make a mistake so I’ll buy a similar thing to what I already have”.
Your wardrobe is now full of identical garments and any new addition doesn’t feel or look much different, keeping you feeling dissatisfied.


There you have it – 7 reasons why you may be hating on your wardrobe right now.  What I’ve discovered is that knowledge is power when it comes to wardrobe.  The more you know about the colours and styles that suit you, and how your personality influences your style choices (and boy it really really does influence it hugely), the better decisions you make and the more you will love your wardrobe.  This is why I developed my 7 Steps to Style program as I’ve seen countless times just what a difference knowledge makes to a woman’s style.


What are your thoughts?

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