212: Colour and Style Q&A: Hippie style, shopping, and jeans.

I’m 51. Hippie at heart but my whole life I wore grown-up/working woman style. I’m transitioning so my inside matches my outside. I have been pairing down my closet to only have the pieces that go with my coloring and style. I don’t want to embrace the full hippie style. I want relaxed, urban but that it shows my gypsy soul. I really don’t know how to achieve that balance.
My biggest issue would have to be finding what I like in the shops.
I would like really good fitting jeans as I am tall and struggle to find anything I like that suits me

211: Colour and Style Q&A: Put together relaxed style, change in my body, and changing body shape.

My biggest challenge: Dressing up my relaxed style enough that I feel ‘put together’ appropriately for church, dinners out, social functions, etc
My biggest challenge would be the change in my body and getting older. I haven’t figured out how to dress my 30 pounds heavier, menopausal body. I hate clothes shopping and when I do buy something, once I get home I usually hate it. I used to wear tight, cute, flirty clothes. Now I’m baggy jeans and loose t-shirts
How can I tell if I’ve changed to an O body shape from an H body shape?

210: Colour and Style Q&A: Eye patterns, looking stylish, and finding the right shoes.

I would like you to do a video on eye patterns if possible! There isn’t much information on it and I value your opinion! For example, someone who has starburst and freckles is considered warm, but I haven’t fully comprehended if that means autumn or spring (light and bright or soft and muted?). Does eye pattern show your dominant or secondary? What information can we get from eye patterns for our colours and style?
I’m 74 years old and still live in jeans, tee shirts, tailored shirts, blazers, good shoes and I want to stay in style but not look like I’m trying too hard. I’m very fair and have white hair so I have added more color to my wardrobe instead of my black/navy/white routine to brighten my face. Suggestions?
How to find the right shoes for elegant chic that are comfortable

209: Colour and Style Q&A: Finding shirts that fit, versatile garment, and changing body shape.

I have a hard time finding shirts that fit right. I am short from my shoulders to my bust (petite fits this area best), but I have a long torso and a long rise. So if a shirt fits my top portion, it’s usually too short. I’m guessing I’m going to need to tailor my clothes?
I try to ensure that any garment that I buy is versatile enough to go with at least three of my existing items of clothing, I still find that when I do purchase something, I’m thinking, ‘if I only had whatever, it would make that new item look great.” Is this just a state of mind or something else? I also have a strict one-in-one-out policy
At present my body shape is changing as I’m starting to lose weight. Am on a very limited budget. I love colour and clothes but my whole confidence has gone. Is 2nd hand the only way to go? Are there any basic guidelines?

208: Colour and Style Q&A: When to let go, finding your authentic style, and knowing what suits you.

I have too many things I don’t really wear but feel too bad to chuck them out. I know they say we only wear 20% ? of what’s in our wardrobe – probably true for me. I can’t seem to let go of the stuff and live my dream of having a capsule wardrobe!
I struggle with making the effort to dress stylishly when I don’t have many places to go and am not sure how to find my authentic style
I’m baffled by my body shape and not sure what suits me

207: Colour and Style Q&A: Feeling sloppy, Dramatic dressing style, and Scarves.

I have gained weight due to health issues and have let my hair go grey. So I’m not sure what works for my age and shape (59 yrs young)! Also naturally large busted and short-waisted. Help me not look sloppy and old
I have taken the style personality quiz and I came up as dramatic. I think I am that personality but my lifestyle now is retired with grandchildren. I have a more relaxed way of life. My question is how do I dress casually with dramatic elements. I never wear heels nowadays. My life is going to the pub, the gym, and walks with friends and holidays with grandchildren, no work pressure. I find it harder to dress in a more relaxed style without looking overdressed
I have several silky large square scarves, Hermes style although the fabric is not as sturdy and they don’t hold any shapes….they don’t seem appropriate for daytime given the fabric, but I have no idea how one would wear them in an evening look. Any advice on how these should be worn?

205: Colour and Style Q&A: 8 Shape, Pants, and Power on Clothing.

Now that I’m in my sixties my waist is still very defined as an 8 shape when viewed from the front or the back but my weight seems to have shifted to the front.
That causes my dilemma. I want to hide my protruding stomach, but I look hideous in shapes that don’t emphasize my waist. What am I to do?
I’ve always found it easy to find, make and wear well-fitting business wear, party dresses and evening wear but I’m struggling to find a stylish wardrobe for my semi-retired life.
I am having a horrible time finding pants. They fit in the front, but then they wrinkle under my butt. My behind is flat, so I don’t know if that is causing the problem. If I go up a size, they will be too big.
I am an average height I-shape with a narrow build and delicate features. As I’ve grown older my appearance has become less waifish and more fragile, vulnerable and inconsequential.. What is are good ways to convey strength through clothing? Are there particular lines, fabrics, colors or patterns that convey strength and presence that are appropriate for someone with delicate features? Bold statement pieces seem to overwhelm me.

202: Colour and Style Q&A: Shopping, Length, and Outfits.

You have given so much great advice and shopping with a plan and a mission has really simplified my trips and saves me so much time.
One question as Spring is here and as a Warm Toned skin what colors do you suggest I look for. I love my Fall/Winter cause the colors are so perfect. Aqua and Navy are my Spring Go To.
I love Kimono style tops. Is there a good length of sleeve for this to work on a A shape?
I often choose great outfits which don`t look good on me. How can I make better decisions?

EP200: Let’s Talk Body Image, Weight and Shopping

I received this email (and I get many like it, so you too may relate), so I wanted to talk about waiting to lose weight.
I am not your typical female with a closet full of clothes.
I’m 54 and have had issues w/ my body since I was a kid and have mostly felt uncomfortable shopping AND always waiting to shop for clothes until I lose ’10 pounds’ so I have a very short list of clothing items that I wear.
My goal is to stop waiting and start shopping which I’ve wanted to do for months now but can’t seem to do it – when I actually go online to shop for clothes I’m there for hours trying to find things that I would feel comfortable in as well as look good and I just don’t have that time right now.
Any suggestions?

199: Colour and Style Q&A: Colour contrast, mix outfit, and proportions.

I have a few pairs of jeans ranging from dark indigo denim to mid-light denim in colour. As an overall dark, Medium/High Value contrast and low colour contrast person should I treat the lighter jeans as blue and wear my blues and greens with them or can I wear any colour?
I struggle with my style because I do not like to repeat outfits so it gets reallky difficult – help!
Proportion proportion proportion!! Tricks to balance a look..I think I’m an x -Long body but regular length legs and saddle bags 

198: Colour and Style Q&A: Adding details, warm and cool, and standing out.

Details- Looking stylish current and funky at 60 (and feeling comfortable) – ideas on the details involved putting a look together
I heard a successful makeup artist say that some people have a mixture of warm and cool features. For example, some may have warm colored natural hair but cool eyes, or neutral skin and warm eyes. Do you believe that this can happen?
My style challenge is being boring because others might judge me if I were to wear something out of the norm, especially for the school run!

197: Colour and Style Q&A: Signature look, comfort with style, and style education.

How do I find my classic signature look without falling for fads and trends?
I’ve always put comfort over style, I want to change that mentatlity but I’m finding it challenging to put together a beautiful outfit. Most of the times I’m not happy with the results.
How do I be critical enough to resist piece that end up not being versatile or interesting or not passing up pieces that have potential but I wasn’t sure about

196: Colour and Style Q&A: Menopause, look approachable, and scarves.

How to dress when your body type changes – my body has change with menopause from hourglass to all my weight going onto my tummy. I feel frumpy and tented in everything.
I struggle with looking intimidating as I’m tall with high value contrast and a classic/dramatic personality style. How to dress to be more approachable but still feel like me?
How to make my scarves look like they are part of an outfit not as though they have been thrown on as an afterthought?

193: Colour and Style Q&A: Relaxed casual and age appropriate dressing.

0.08 I am a relaxed/casual, am a full-time working potter with a studio on our property, and live deep in the country. Any suggestions to spark things up? Thanks.
2.44 My biggest challenge, now that I’m 65, is finding clothes that don’t make me look like my 88 year-old mother or my 20 year-old grandaughter. So many women just seemed to give up on fashion at a certain age. I’m also a Deep Autumn and it seems all the fashions out there today are better suited for cool complexions. When I wear color I often feel like it is wearing me!
5.21 Relaxed style here. I feel I should step it up and not be so relaxed.. Any tips?

192: Colour and Style Q&A: Changing body shape, adding colours to your outfit, and classic boring clothes.

0.08 I have put on a lot of weight and my shape has changed dramatically. I could always highlight my waist before. Now I feel like a blob and need to wear loose tunics etc. It depresses me and I’m aimless just now while I am desperately trying to regain my healthy body.
2.19 I have very visible skin rash (a post COVID symptom) around the eyes and on the cheeks and am supposed not to cover it with make-up to let it “rest”. My colour palette is enigmatic and I am 1 colour plus neutral when my skin is normal.
4.09 My biggest challenge is: to feel better with my appearance, be less conventional, classical and boring and find joy in my clothes.

191: Colour and Style Q&A: Tips on wearing heels when you have medical condition, body shape changes when you put some covid kilos, and narrowing down your purchase when shopping.

I can’t wear heels due to a medical condition and I’m petite and I feel completely unstylish – help!
I’ve put on the Covid kilos, and have gained weight in places like my tummy that I never used to have no longer suit me. Help!
Give me the confidence to wear what I want and how to narrow down my purchases. I love everything!