267: Colour and Style Q&A: Choosing prints, balance of yin and yang in clothing, and following trends.

I struggle with prints in general – what to choose. I’m a bit scared that they won’t work so I tend to avoid them. Any tips?
How do I dress practically and attractively, being comfortable but still in an interesting but not crazy way, so vibrant but not aggressive?
Why is it that I am tempted to follow trends even when they don’t fit my lifestyle or body type?

265: Colour and Style Q&A: Expressing Who You Are, Ageless Style, and Wardrobe Organisation.

I want to learn better how to express who I am without being obsessed with my appearance and not to be invisible unless I choose to be. As an older women, it is easy to be overlooked, but I’m not interested in being dramatic as a means of countering that bias. I don’t object to it in other, but my own style is more understated. I struggle most with hair and makeup.
I’ve no idea what is suitable for my age – which is 52 – I’d like to be more elegant.
I have too much stuff that I picked up on sale that is now so unorganized that I can’t see what I have. How can I organise my wardrobe?

261: Colour and Style Q&A: What to wear when you’re retired, have conflicting body advice, and not sure what I’m aiming for?

I’m a retired person now living in Mexico, my greatest challenge is making the transition from the work wardrobe to the more casual, climate appropriate style.
The body shape challenge is crazy because of all the conflicting advice.
I sew and design my own patterns, so I can make anything happen. As soon as I figure out what “anything ” I’m aiming for.

260: Colour and Style Q&A: Bras, Style Rut, and living in the wrong climate for my style.

I can’t find a bra that fits, the cup size is not right when I choose a larger band size to fit my more expanded waist. Any tips?
I really do not know what style actually suits me. I am over 60 approximately 5ft 6in tall have salt and pepper longish hair and a pearish body shape with short body , short waist and long legs I have gained weight in the past 12 months in the hip abdominal area and have a pot belly and lost my side/hip definition therefore I don’t know what to wear and I prefer trousers
12.48 My biggest challenge is that I live in the wrong climate for my style LOL!!
I’m currently living in the UK, but I like to dress in soft, silky, lightweight satiny lacy things as well as cute kitten heels and pointy shoes. I’m either always freezing to death or dodging puddles and mud.
I just moved here 4 years ago and tried doing the lumpy sweaters and rubber wellies but I feel so *UGH* in them.
I can’t afford a total wardrobe redo, but I need to get some “sexy” back in my closet!

259: Colour and Style Q&A: Neckline, Sizing, and Weight.

I just watched your post about flattering necklines and how matching your jawline is best. I do not wear the types of necklines I would look best in due to modesty reasons. How does wearing something under a v-neck or scoop neck affect the “ideal” neckline of the scoop or v-neck? Can I use necklaces over boat or crew necks to get this ideal neckline instead?
I struggle with finding clothes as there is so much Inconsistent sizing between stores.
My weight which has settled in my middle. I am attempting to lose weight but even if I do. I believe I will never have a waist again. I am a rectangle . At my best I will be a small rectangle. It is quite a change since my youth when I was an hourglass I am also short so when I attempt to hide the middle with longer tops I have no legs. I do not think it is possible to dress this and look attractive in any way. I try to be moderate and so have lost interest in clothes

258: Colour and Style Q&A: Ageing, Fit, and Feminine mixed with Relaxed Lifestyle.

The big one for me atm is ageing — I don’t want to give up, any tips?
My biggest issue with fashion is finding ready-made clothing that fits well enough to wear comfortably & look good. I wear a size 8 jean, but need a 14-16 top to fit the bustline. However, the 14-16 shoulders, neck/sleeve openings, sleeve lengths, etc. are too big to look nice on me.
How can I combine my feminine style personality with a relaxed lifestyle? I love florals, lace, pink, skirts and dresses, and feminine details, but as a stay at home mom with five kids (including a baby that I’m breastfeeding), I need my clothes to be practical, comfortable, and casual. I also have (I think) medium high value contrast and medium color contrast, so the very low contrast pastel look of many feminine outfits doesn’t work for me. I would appreciate any tips.

257: Colour and Style Q&A: Pink, Capsule Wardrobe, and Best Clothes.

How exactly do colors need to match when you have an outfit with multiple items in the same color? For example, I have a pink and beige patterned skirt. I would normally think to wear it with a pink top or cardigan, but none of mine are exactly the same pink. Is that okay, or is it better to wear a top that’s neutral or a different color?
How do I create a perfect capsule wardrobe where everything goes together for all changing seasons and no thought about what to wear everyday?
How do I edit my wardrobe so it’s just my best clothes?

256: Colour and Style Q&A: How to dress when overweight, less garments in my wardrobe, and how to know what would look good on me.

My classic rectangular body that goes with my classic, style has disappeared. I feel I look like an apple on a stick! Help!
My biggest challenge is reigning it all in. I adore clothes. I’ve spent the last few years downsizing and have gotten rid of a lot, but my closet is still overflowing. I wear outfits in rotation so everything gets worn at some point. It’s overwhelming most of the time. I would love to cut it all down by half.
My problem is mainly is what would look good on me, which colors to keep in my wardrobe, how many colors for my casual lifestyle as I’m trying to make myself a guided plan with what I’m looking for!

255: Colour and Style Q&A: Colour contrast dominant vs value contrast dominant, getting out of the rut, and some clothing recommendations.

I just wonder if you can be value contrast dominant although your ideal value contrast is medium? But what if you have medium value contrast and neutral features?
My biggest style challenge is getting out of the rut I’m in with my clothes – I feel like my clothes are boring, dull and lack imagination and creativity.
Would you please recommend some clothing styles that would work for someone petite, creative (but in a business setting), and will let me look my age or younger?

Ep 251: Body Image and Your Style

I was inspired to talk about body image after receiving these 3 style struggles:
My biggest challenge is… I was slim and sexy, now I am menopausal, well over fifty and have a huge protruding belly and double chin. No, this is not a joke, I wish it were. I’ve stopped going out for months because of this. (I picked up weight also, was always 60 kgs now 100 kgs
My body shape is my biggest challenge. I am a pear shape…. thin arms, small face, tiny bust yet I have a bit of a tummy, bottom and hips. Also my age:( I’m 55 and don’t want to dress too young, yet not like an old maid. And I can’t stand tight fitting clothes 😒Help !!!!
My biggest challenge, is I like structure and tailored clothes but I am short and I have a big stomach that ruins it for me!

250: Colour and Style Q&A: Streamlining your wardrobe, Belt for X shape, and Clothing that last a lifetime.

My biggest challenge is streamlining my wardrobe. I have too many items that I don’t wear.
I wear belts to highlight my waist as I’m a petite X shape and it works really well. My problem is many skirts and pants don’t have belt loops and I find the belts slip up at the back or twist as I move. Any suggestions as to how to keep them nicely in place.
What clothing can I buy to last a lifetime?

248: Colour and Style Q&A: Mixing Outfits, Wardrobe on a Budget, and New Body.

How do I choose outfits I could easily mix and match and not feel as though I’m wearing the same thing over and over again.
How do you find great clothes without spending a fortune or buying cheap unethically created (no cheap and abused labour in poor countries) garments?
Having had 2 children my body shape has changed and I struggle to fit my style into the new body – any tips?

247: Colour and Style Q&A: Youthful dressing, Yin & Yang, and Plus size.

I don’t want to dress like a teenager but I want to dress like an old woman. Any tips?
My biggest challenge is combining what looks good on my more yang frame and also fits my more yin personality. I wear jeans to work and rarely have a need to dress up. Plus, comfort and not putting much thought into getting dressed are important to me. Most inspiration outfits that would look good on my silhouette are with blazers, dresses, skirts, or dress pants, which I usually don’t wear. A lot of the clothes with bows and other pretty details come in pastel colors, which wash me out. Simple has always looked best on me. But, as I’m getting older, I find that I need more drama in my look.
My biggest challenge is being overweight. I don’t look as good in my clothes and can’t do some of the styling with my clothes that I could if I was thinner. My classic rectangular body that goes with my classic, style has disappeared.

246: Colour and Style Q&A: Activewear, Sensory Values, and Prints that Flatter.

I am retired and exercise and train triathlon. I am classic style with a bob. I currently wear leggings or stretch pants long legs with a top that is wickked. I get very salty hair from my workouts and am trying to develop a style where I don’t need to change more than once a day. Sometimes I might do a hard bike ride eg 2 hrs then meet someone for lunch then go swimming pm.
I don’t have a sense of what looks good on me. I also have sensory sensitivities, particularly to fabric feel and tightness. I’ve been studying color theory, and personality style. My biggest issues are trying to put all of this together while still having a functional, practical, and comfortable style for my lifestyle, which relies on layers and outfits suitable for a casual outdoorsy lifestyle.
With age I’ve shrunk and my waist has expanded and I can’t wear heels. I love wearing skirts and dresses but having difficulty choosing pattern/style for the dress which doesn’t overwhelm me or shorten me. (I am a sewer)