218: Colour and Style Q&A: Smart and elegant, accessories, and white jeans.

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0.08 I want to look smart and elegant, I love coloured shoes. But also comfy ones (in addition, I have problems with my toes, so there is no option in which I wear pointy shoes or stilletos.). But still – barefoot shoes, or the comfortable ones are often like for people 80+. I don’t want to choose between healthy feet and pretty shoes.
2.56 Accessories! If I get a nice necklace, I can’t match with earrings. (pierced ears). How do I get over that?
5.51 Can someone with warm colouring wear white jeans and accessories? As they are far from the face they aren’t unflattering, but I’m thinking that unlike black they aren’t distracting and draw the attention because for someone with medium value hair/eyes and very light skin they relate better to their colouring…

Shoes Options 

How to Choose Shoes with Style When You Have Foot Issues

Finding Shoes for Orthotics That Are Stylish

How to Make Your Shoes More Comfortable


Matching The Right Accessories For Your Clothes and Body

Where to Find Unique, Interesting and Low Cost Accessories to Add to Any Outfit

Top 3 Tips to Consider When Adding Accessories to Colourful Outfits

Value and Colour Contrast

Getting Your Head Around Value and Contrast – the Celebrity Version

Value and Contrast with Darker Skin Tones – the Celebrity Version

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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