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Inside Out Style
222: Colour and Style Q&A: Medium Colour, Patterns, and Plus Size.

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0.08 I am 5’9’, medium brown hair, bright blue eyes, and rosy skin. I’ve assessed myself as medium value contrast and as a neutral plus two colors. I’m more comfortable in classic clothes and I’m not comfortable with scarves and necklaces when I’m busy during the day. My question is about the Light Bright coloring. Do I always need to wear a print blouse to look my best? I have some pretty jackets and purses with prints. If I chose to wear them, is the best thing to do to wear a blouse with a white and color print that would coordinate with the print on the jacket or purse?
3.28 How do I pull patterns into outfits? Most of my clothes are solids, worn with neutrals. (But I still get compliments on “dressing stylish,”)
6.20 How do I look smart in clothing when I’m plus size?

Working with Your Contrast

How to Work with Your Contrast – Medium Contrast

What’s Your Ideal Value and How it Creates Balance in Outfits

7 Important Factors for Working with Contrast

Mixing Prints

11 Genius Ways to Mix Prints and Patterns Like a Pro

How to Choose the Right Prints for Your Personality

How to Choose Prints That Work With Your Colour Contrast

Plus Size

Tips for the Plus Size

Why Structure is Important When Dressing Plus Size Figures

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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