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Inside Out Style
215: Colour and Style Q&A: Frumpy, lack of style and blouses for hourglass.

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0.05 I have been feeling quite stodgy and frumpy with my style lately. I retired 3 years ago and I’ve decided it’s time to step up my game and spend some much needed time focusing my attention on updating my wardrobe.
There was a time when I was always dressed very professionally at work and I felt put together and confident. Over the last number of years, I started to let my style fall by the wayside at work. I think casual Fridays at the office had lots to do with this and since then, my style aesthetic slowly began to disappear.
I seem to have lost all my confidence in how to properly dress my body. The struggle I seem to be encountering at the moment is how and where do I start my wardrobe overhaul Would love to hear your thoughts about finding your style aesthetic again and building a new and revised wardrobe from there 🙂
9.29 I think my biggest challenge is my lack of style. I am definitely “natural” by the personality quiz definition, but I don’t like to look messy. I like comfort and quality! How do I be stylish and natural at the same time?
13.07 I have an hourglass figure and I find it hard to find well suited blouses. I have wide shoulders and small waist and all tops end up loose on it, they take a bell shape! I limit myself to elastic, tight fitting tops, but they mostly are very casual and I look for more refined clothes. Fashion industry tends to make boxy shaped clothes nowadays and they are really ugly on me! I mean after my chest the fabric moves away from my body and protrudes and I don’t know how to tuck it in!

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