Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
214: Colour and Style Q&A: A shape, colour analysis, and winter outfit.

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0.08 I’m an A shape and would like to wear cargo pants occasionally instead of carring a bag. How do I successfully wear all that visual interest on my lower body?
2.57 I have never been able to pin down my season in Seasonal Colour Analysis for the simple reason that I cannot figure out if my undertone is warm, cool or neutral. Is it from the colours I am able to wear? Is it from the vein color in my wrist (greenish)? I don’t find that the online content on the subject properly covers women of colour. I think it would really help to pin that down so that I can reduce my options when it comes to putting capsules together, picking the perfect dark neutral etc
6.01 Winter is on the way but you are neutral plus 2 colours how do you put your layers together to not look like a clown. Easier in summer when you can just add a necklace to a coloured shirt.

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