220: Colour and Style Q&A: Autumn colouring, hair colour, silver grey hair, and become confident.

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0.10 I have warm mid-dark “autumn” coloring and a medium contrast level. I’m realizing many of the summer clothes I currently own are cool toned (lots of black, stark white and cool blues), and they clash with the few warm toned summer pieces I do have. There don’t seem to a lot of “autumn” colors in stores right now. Even the neutral olives and tans seem to have blue undertones. If I do find something in a flattering color for me, either the style hasn’t appealed to me, hasn’t fit my personal style, or the proportions of the garment were not right for my shape! I live in an area of the U.S. where summers are hot and humid, so my spring/fall pieces are just too heavy. Do you have any summer shopping suggestions or styling tricks for medium/dark “autumn” girls to find clothing in the summer?
3.58 – question about my current hair colour
5.22 Now my hair is silver grey, my eyes are deep bluegrey/greenish and skin is light. I was told some time ago that my best colors are cool and bright but I feel that very bright colors are not good for me. I have been working in corporate business and have many clothes from that time and the colors are dark and black. I have difficulties to blend these items with my wardrobe now when I am retired and use more relaxed clothes. My style is classic.
I have been looking for contrast and like to know when having black pants should I wear also dark knitwear or jacket? I feel that they are too dark for me or if I am having only dark pants and light upper part I am cut in half and that feels not right. During the summer I am wearing colorful clothes, reds, pinks, teal, sea blue and white.
8.40 I would love to become visible and confident again. My marriage ended in my mid 40s, and I’ve spent the past 10yrs trying to keep not only my head above water, but my two teens at the time. They’re now young adults and I’ve found myself lost, older and seemingly invisible now that I’m over 50.

Overdying Clothes 

The Art of Overdying Your Clothes – Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to Overdying Garments To a Fabulous New Colour

How to Overdye Difficult Colours Such as White, Beige, Navy and Orange

Hair Colour

How to Know if Your Hair Colour Is Wrong

How to Choose a Hair Colour as You Age

Medium Colour Contrast

How to Wear Medium Value Colours When You are High Contrast

How to Work with Your Contrast – Medium Contrast

What Exactly is Medium-High Value Contrast?

How to Communicate Your Approachability

Who Do You Want to Be?

Who are You and How Does this Influence Your Style Choices?

How to Use Colour To Communicate Your Authority or Approachability

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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