K is for Knickers - Imogen Lamport's A-Z of Style - foundation garments

K is for Knickers

Today I’m talking knickers, well, not just knickers, but all foundation garments. Like building a house, if the foundations aren’t solid, the house won’t be stable, your underwear has a huge effect on your overall look and how great you will look. Let’s start from the top! Bras Studies show that around 70% of women…

I is for Imagination - Imogen Lamport's A-Z of style

I is for Imagination

Many of us, over time, lose our creativity. Or, we don’t appreciate that we are creative because we’re not creative in the ‘arts’ field – can’t paint or sculpt, write music or poetry. So we think “I’m not creative” and then proceed to go through our lives with that belief. Over the years I’ve been…