Tips on Wearing Boots with Skinny Jeans


I love your blog . My biggest question is proper footwear for the cold fall weather (but before it snows). I live in the Midwest of USA. I am wondering if you could do a blog post for casual ladies who like slim fit jeans and shorter boots. I like tall boots on other people, don’t feel comfortable wearing them. But I love the boot look but I like wearing skinny jeans because they are comfortable. I have wide hips so ballet flats look weird on me but can I wear a dark brown 7 inch shaft moto boot with a 1.75 inch heel over my jeans or will that look weird?

skinny jeans and moto boots

Any sort of boots look great with skinny jeans.  A boot is a slightly chunkier shoe so can help to balance out your hips.  Wearing a short boot over the ankle of your jeans works, particularly if the shoe has a heel.   A short boot won’t elongate your legs in the way that a knee-high boot will do.  A moto boot will help to balance out your hips as it’s a bit wider and heavier than a ballet flat.

To elongate your legs:

  • Tone boots to your jean colour or go slightly darker
  • Create a column of colour with your top or jacket and jeans
  • Look for stripes or vertical details in your jeans to lengthen your legs


knee high boots with skinny jeans

If you prefer knee high boots but love comfort, try a riding boot style or one with a solid heel.

  • To draw attention upwards, keep your boots darker than your top.
  • Tone boots to your jeans for more leg elongation.


If you have wider calves and find it hard to find knee-high boots, why not try:

  •  and if you use the PROMO Code  BBSTYLE   you’ll get a $30 discount!
  • – who do calf widths to fit (your measurements) and also do narrow fitting boots if you have slim calves.


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  • In the U.S. the legs on knee high boots currently in the stores are quite wide. I love boots and have tried on many just to find some that sort-of fit. I can wear them with skinny jeans but would like to wear them with skirts also. Unfortunately they always look huge and baggy — like a child wearing her mother’s clothes. (I am middle aged and a US size 6/8 – so not a tiny person.)

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