Summer 2012/2013 Fashion Trends In Stores Now


I spend quite a bit of time out shopping with clients and so I notice what the major trends the stores are showing, rather than just what the magazines tell us we’ll see. So I took some quick photos with my phone and thought I’d share a few of these Summer 2012/2013 fashion trends with you.

Prints and Patterns

Fashion Trends Summer 2012 – Prints and Patterns

They are everywhere. On dresses and skirts, on pants and suits.  From digital prints to florals, from spots to checks, there are patterns everywhere.

Want to know what a print is saying?  Check out this post.

Just remember when choosing prints, the scale of the print needs to be in balance with you, so if you’re petite, don’t go for a huge print, if you’re not sure, go for a medium sized dense print – it’s the easiest way.

A Waisted Shape in Dresses

Fashion Trends Summer 2012 – Waists and Dresses

There is lots and lots of waist detail out at present. It’s great if you’re an X, A or 8 Shape, not so good for those H, V and O shapes who lack defined waists.  Belt them, show them off, enjoy the waist this summer if you have one!



Fashion Trends Summer 2012 – Colour

I’m seeing lots of colours, from the very pale pastels that suit those with very fair colouring, right through to some more bold colours, plus there are the fluro garments about.  Particularly in Melbourne where we see so much black, it’s lovely to see so much colour around in the stores.

What are your favourite fashion trends of the summer?


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